Google reverses ban on Trump campaign ad targeting Black voters

 May 6, 2024

Big Tech, and especially Google, have played a significant role in election messaging for the past few elections, with conservatives typically getting the short end of the stick. 

That was the case recently when the overlords at Google banned an ad from the Trump 2024 campaign that targeted President Joe Biden on a range of issues, including immigration.

However, according to The Daily Wire, Google suddenly reversed that decision this week and will now allow the ad to run.

The ad was reportedly targeted at Black voters in rural Georgia, which happens to be where President Biden is lacking in support relative to previous elections.

What was the ad?

The Daily Wire described the Trump campaign's temporarily banned ad:

The ad depicts a woman working for the Biden campaign getting rejected by a voter when trying to see if he is willing to vote again for Biden.

The voter highlights Biden’s incentives for illegal aliens and inflation as two major reasons he is now voting for Trump.

The dialogue between the two voters touches on the big question for any reasonable voter: Why vote for the guy who is responsible for our livelihoods taking a nosedive?

The voter in the ad calls out the Biden campaign worker, responding "Is it? Everything costs more: food, gas, rent," after the campaign official congratulated him for voting for Biden in the last election.

The Biden campaign official reveals how out of touch with working-class Americans the president is, seemingly bragging about helping "newcomers" to America.

"You mean illegal immigrants? I’m struggling to pay my bills, but Biden’s paying rent for illegals? They get handouts and I’m paying for it," the distressed voter said.

Why was it removed?

It was noted in a post on X that the ad was removed because of a "policy violation," which is often the vague excuse given for removing political ads from certain types of politicians.

"This ad has been removed by Google for a ‘policy violation.’ It was live in the Google archive this morning but I just looked and it’s now been removed," Andrew Arenge posted. "Super PAC spent over $15K targeting it at specific communities near Macon, GA after launching it on April 25th."

Reportedly, due to the backlash over the banning of the ad, Google magically reversed its decision to ban it.

Hopefully, it was an oversight, but it's certainly unfair if conservative politicians have count on supporter backlash and pressure for their ads to be run.

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