Florida GOP donor Steve Alembik, who once called Obama a racial slur, dead in attempted murder-suicide

October 21, 2023

A once-prominent Republican donor in Florida who became a controversial figure several years ago after using a racial slur to criticize former President Barack Obama is now dead.

Steven Alembik, 72, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after first attempting to kill his wife in a half-successful attempted murder-suicide incident, according to Yahoo!News.

The tragic ending of Alembik's life, which was preceded by the horrific attempted taking of his wife's life as well, came amid recent revelations that he suffered from serious mental health issues.

Wife survived murder attempt, expected to recover

The Messenger reported that Alembik shot his wife multiple times in the parking lot of a BurgerFi restaurant in Palm Beach County, Florida, on Oct. 9 before turning the gun on himself.

The injured woman managed to make it inside the restaurant to seek help, and a spokesperson for the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said, "She was treated at the scene and transported to Delray Medical Center, where she underwent emergency surgery."

At the time of that report, Alembik's wife was listed in critical condition but was ultimately expected to survive and recover from the injuries she sustained.

Prior allegations of domestic violence and his controversial Obama insult

According to the Daily Mail, Alembik had recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and reportedly had a history of other mental health issues, which could help explain why he attempted to kill his wife, identified as Dawn Polen Silver, a clinical psychologist specializing in substance abuse who worked at the Health Care District of Palm Beach County.

The outlet further revealed that Alembik had previously been arrested for domestic battery and had a petition for protection filed against him in 2018 over allegations of domestic violence by his first wife, Jennifer Remaland Alembik.

However, it appears that Alembik ultimately satisfied all conditions set by a court in a pre-trial diversion program and was never in any other serious trouble.

It is unclear what sort of relationship Alembik maintained with his first wife, with whom he fathered three daughters, following their divorce, but the Daily Mail noted that the ex-wife, who declined to comment for the article, had sent text messages to prominent GOP figures in recent days to alert them of funeral and memorial service plans for her late ex-husband, which took place on Friday.

The revelations of the prior alleged domestic violence and mental health issues appear to date back to when Alembik became a particularly controversial figure following his use of the "N"-word in a social media post to criticize anti-GOP commentary from former President Obama, per the Daily Mail.

He had defended himself at that time by asserting that he wasn't actually racist but had instead reacted to divisive things Obama had said as "an emotional human being."

A big GOP donor

According to the Miami Herald, Alembik had been a big Republican donor who had contributed more than $200,000 primarily to Republicans over the prior 20 years, most recently including former President Donald Trump, whom he staunchly supported, along with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL).

Those individuals and others, but especially DeSantis and Scott, sought to distance themselves from Alembik and his donations in the wake of the Obama controversy, to varying degrees, even as Alembik, who was known to flamboyantly dress in patriotic suits, continued to remain active in South Florida's Republican scene.

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