GOP governor says nominating Trump means 'handing' presidency to Kamala Harris

August 30, 2023

Most polls have consistently shown former President Donald Trump as being well positioned to win the GOP's primary race. However, not every Republican welcomes the prospect of seeing Trump as the nominee.

Among the detractors is New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu. This past weekend, he suggested that nominating Trump would mean "handing" the presidency to Kamala Harris. 

Sununu says Trump "is not about the future of this country"

According to Breitbart, Sununu issued that warning during an interview on Sunday with MSNBC anchor and former Biden White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

"You have not been afraid to speak out about Donald Trump’s indictments about his actions in attempting to overturn the upcoming election and about holding on to classified documents," Breitbart quoted Psaki as saying.

"I could name more," she continued before noting that "it took 51 minutes" in last week's GOP primary debate "for any of those topics to come up."

When Psaki asked Sununu what to make of that fact, he responded by saying, "I thought that was perfect because that’s about Donald Trump, that’s not about the future of this country."

"Donald Trump can’t win in November of 24"

"Republicans are trying to save the country, Donald Trump is trying to save himself," the New Hampshire governor went on to insist."

"So when it comes to debate, we don’t want to be rehashing yesterday’s news. We want to be [moving] forward, we want to be about 2024," Sununu insisted.

He went on to declare, "I can tell you that all of those candidates could win in November of 24, and that is exciting. Donald Trump can’t win in November of 24."

"The math does not work out. If you’re supporting Donald Trump, you are effectively handing it [to] Kamala Harris potentially down the road," Sununu asserted.

"So I think the opportunity is a new face, fresh ideas, but I also think Vivek, Haley, Pence, DeSantis, they all did very, very well," he said


Later, Sununu claimed, "There's no way Donald Trump will win anything above 31% of Independents, which is why Republicans as a whole will get crushed."

Interestingly, an Emerson College poll carried out between August 25 and August 26 showed Trump two points ahead of President Joe Biden.

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