GOP lawmaker calls for impeachment of Biden energy secretary, claims she lied under oath

 September 16, 2023

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) called for the impeachment of Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, claiming that she lied under oath about her family's stock ownership.

Tenney's concern focused on statements made in violation of the Hatch Act on multiple occasions since taking her role in 2021.

The comments

"Since taking office in January of 2021, Secretary Granholm has violated the Hatch Act multiple times," Tenney remarked during the hearing. "She owned Proterra stock while her boss, President Biden, repeatedly promoted the company. Her husband owned Ford stock while she personally promoted the companies’ work with official resources."

"And most critically, she lied, under oath, to Congress, claiming that you did not own any individual stocks when in fact she did. If anyone would like to dispute these charges, all the evidence you need is in the articles I submitted into the record," the New York Republican continued.

The contradictions

"Back in April, Granholm told Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) that she didn’t own any individual stocks," the New York Post reported.

"She was later forced to correct that testimony in a June letter to Congress, in which she revealed that she owned shares of six companies worth about $120,000 at the time of her April statement," it continued.

"Granholm also said she had discovered in May that her husband possessed $2,457.89 worth of shares in Ford Motor Company. Both Granholm and her husband have since offloaded all stocks," the report added.

Time for impeachment

“Secretary Granholm has admitted to lying to Congress under oath and committing perjury,” said Congresswoman Tenney in a statement.

“Perjury grants Congress clear grounds for impeachment. This is yet another example of the colossal ego and arrogance of the Biden Administration that Americans despise most. It is far past time that Secretary Granholm is held accountable for these clear crimes and conflicts of interest," she wrote.

The former Michigan governor has also been the focus of controversy after 911 was called over her staff blocking an EV charging station during a recent trip.

The impeachment inquiry, however, is a much larger concern that threatens to remove a key Biden official from office as the president faces his own impeachment inquiry in the House.

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