GOP-led House pushed ahead Biden impeachment articles

 June 23, 2023

The House voted to move forward with an impeachment case against President Joe Biden Thursday.

The 219-208 vote, led by Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) now moves ahead to congressional committees.

The background

"The AP notes that Boebert’s move to impeach Biden 'caught Republicans off guard,'" the Western Journal reported.

"The incumbent president has been charged with “high crimes and misdemeanors” based on the way Biden and his administration have handled the current crisis at the Southern border," it added.

Boebert's words

"Tonight, I brought a privileged motion to the floor that will force a vote on the impeachment of Joe Biden. The American people can no longer be subjected to a President who refuses to secure our borders," Boebert tweeted.

"His open border agenda has put every American at greater risk, allowed human traffickers to thrive and given the cartel a free pass. He is not fit to remain as Commander in Chief," she added.

What's next?

"A privileged resolution allows lawmakers to force a vote on the House floor without going through the committee, a move that key Republicans opposed because it skirts the regular process," Fox News explained.

"Speaker Kevin McCarthy called the move 'flippant' in comments to reporters on Wednesday. Oversight Committee Chair James Comer told Fox News Digital, 'I wish she’d gone about it a different way,'" it added.

The issue will now move forward to a committee where it is not expected to advance for an official impeachment vote.

Even if it did, the votes may not be there from all Republicans and would not have enough support in the Senate.

The move by Boebert is one supported by many Americans ready to see Biden out of office but the approach is unlikely to be successful in creating the desired change.

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