GOP Rep. Jake LaTurner announces plan to retire from Congress at end of current term

 April 19, 2024

Yet another House Republican has decided that they have had enough and are ready to quit serving the people of their district in the nation's increasingly dysfunctional Congress.

Rep. Jake LaTurner (R-KS) announced on Thursday that he will not seek re-election to a third term in the House in November's elections, TheBlaze reported.

Unlike some of his Republican colleagues who have resigned early and undermined the GOP's diminishingly slim majority in the House, the Kansas congressman made it clear that he wouldn't step aside until his current term had expired.

Would rather raise his young family than continue serving

"I will proudly serve the remainder of the 118th Congress, but after much prayer and consideration, I will not seek reelection this Fall," Rep. LaTurner said in a statement. "The people of Kansas who elected me to serve in the United States House of Representatives have given me the professional honor of my life, but it is time to pursue other opportunities and have the benefit of spending more time with my family."

"Suzanne and I are the proud parents of four young children, and for us the busy schedule of serving in and running for Congress has taken a toll," he continued of his wife and family. "The unrepeatable season of life we are in, where our kids are still young and at home, is something I want to be more present for."

LaTurner expressed his deep gratitude for the support he'd received from his "loving family, loyal friends, and dedicated staff," but also seemed to subtly knock the dire excuses given by some of his early-exiting GOP colleagues as he expressed optimism for better days to come.

"It has become fashionable for some to fear for the future of this country and act as though the problems we face and the divisions that exist are insurmountable, but that is just not true," he wrote. "Undoubtedly, the current dysfunction on Capitol Hill is distressing, but it almost always has been; we just didn’t see most of it."

The outgoing congressman also appeared to leave a door open for his possible eventual return to elected office, either at the state or federal level, as he added, "While I will not be a candidate in 2024 or the state elections in 2026, I am hopeful that in another season of life, with new experiences and perspectives, I can contribute in some small way and advocate for the issues I care most about."

Another GOP member on his way out

Roll Call reported that Rep. LaTurner represents the 14th House Republican to announce that they will not seek re-election in the fall, and they join five others who are leaving to run for a different office as well as five more who quit early or were forced out -- one of whom who has already been replaced by another Republican.

The outlet also observed that his exit at the end of the current term likely won't impact the Republican majority in the House, as his district -- which includes the cities of Topeka and Emporia -- is rated "Solid Republican."

LaTurner had been running unopposed in the Kansas Republican primary election that is scheduled for August 6, and the deadline for any candidates who wish to enter the race to be his successor in the next term will need to make that decision before the June 3 filing deadline.

Dozens of Democrats are leaving the House too

Axios also reported on the retirement announcement of the Kansas Republican but pointed out that it isn't just GOP members of the House who are rushing for the exits from Congress.

Indeed, while the Republican exodus amid intraparty squabbling garners most of the media's coverage, it was noted that at least two dozen House Democrats are also on their way out the door, with about half seeking a different office while the other half are retiring from politics altogether.

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