GOP Sen. Cassidy: Trump isn't the Republicans' leader

 December 12, 2022

The Hill reports Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) as, once again, unambiguously stating that former President Donald Trump is not the leader of the Republican Party. 

Not only that, but Cassidy made it clear that he wants the GOP to move away from Trump's influence altogether.

Cassidy's latest anti-Trump remarks

It came on Saturday during an interview that Cassidy did with CNN's Pamela Brown.

There, according to The Hill, Cassidy said that he rejects "the premise that [Trump is] the leader of the Republican Party."

The Hill also reports that Cassidy said that "the GOP could elect a new leader despite current polls supporting Trump as the next president."

Instead of Trump, Cassidy argued that the Republican Party ought to focus on speaking "about the future" and on adhering to "principles."

He said:

We’re led by principles. We’re led by kind of concepts. A right-of-center party which thinks that smaller government, that individual responsibility, that free markets is more likely to bring prosperity to a family and prosperity to our country. … If we are responsible to those principles, then we win.

It's not the first time

By now, Cassidy's anti-Trump sentiment is well established. Cassidy was one of the Senate Republicans who voted to convict Trump following the Senate impeachment trial that occurred following the events of Jan. 6, 2021.

Since then, Cassidy has used virtually every opportunity to attack Trump. And, more recently, Cassidy has renewed his attack on Trump following the Republicans' less-than-spectacular results in the midterm elections.

Cassidy is one of those Republicans who maintain that Trump is to blame for the Republicans' lackluster performance in the midterms, and, accordingly, are trying to use the midterms as proof that the Republican Party ought to move on from Trump because, in their view, American voters in the midterms really rejected Trump. It's not the most logical conclusion considering that Trump's candidates overwhelmingly won.

Cassidy, on recent occasions, has implied that Trump and Trump's supporters are a "cult."

Cassidy has also insisted that Trump will not be the Republican Party's 2024 presidential nominee. Current polling would say otherwise.

What else would you expect?

All of this says a lot more about Cassidy than it does about Trump. It exposes him as another anti-Trump "Republican," which is a curious position to take considering what Trump accomplished as president and considering what Trump stands for, namely, America First.

Louisiana voters won't have the opportunity to replace Cassidy until 2026.

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