GOP Senate candidate and father of four ex-basketball player claims his $1,232 donor-funded all-nude strip club bill was a mistake

 May 27, 2024

A Republican Senate candidate in Minnesota, who has demeaned himself as "sexist" and "antisemitic," has squandered more than $100,000 in campaign funds through mysterious wire transfers, late-night strip club visits, and apparel purchases.

Standing a substantial 6'8", Royce White, 33, is a Catholic former professional basketball player who has transitioned into a right-wing podcaster, as The Daily Mail reported.

Conservative host and former White House advisor Steve Bannon has also endorsed White, who is competing against Republican candidate Joe Frazier for the nomination over Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Controversial Comments

White has a documented history of derogatory terms such as "b****es" and "whores" directed towards women on social media.

Additionally, he is accused of abusing his wife, who applied for protection and declared her intention to divorce him prior to reconciling with him, as well as his side girlfriend.

Two of his children were born to Angelic Aguilar Suggs, his wife, and two others were fathered to him by other women.

The Campaign Chances

White's campaign is thought a long shot, as evidenced by the $10,000 in cash he possesses for his campaign in contrast to Klobuchar's $6 million.

Additionally, there is the fact that national Republicans are avoiding him, according to However, he has seemingly maintained the support of the state GOP. breaks down all the shocking and salacious details of White's campaign expenditures to prop up his high-roller lifestyle in their report.

Questionable Funds Usage 

Ex-NBA player Royce White had a 5 a.m. appearance at the Gold Rush Cabaret, located approximately 1,800 miles away from the House race he was participating in in 2022, subsequent to his defeat in the primary.

According to 2022 FEC filings, he paid the Miami-based all-nude strip club $1,232 on the campaign tab that evening. Initial notification of the filings came from the Daily Beast.

White stated that he was unable to recall the night at the strip club but was certain his team "used the wrong card" and was in the process of reimbursing the organization for the endeavor.

Despite the fact that White has frequently criticized the political system as "corrupt," tens of thousands of dollars were spent on limo services and upscale hotels in Florida, which is unrelated to his race in Minnesota.

White played briefly in the Big3 basketball league of Ice Cube and the National Basketball League of Canada.

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