GOP senators threaten to oppose defense spending bill if vaccine mandate is not lifted

 December 1, 2022

President Joe Biden has faced loud criticism over his requirement that those in the military either take the COVID-19 vaccine or get out of uniform.

However, a group of Republican senators have just announced that if Biden doesn't end the policy then they will. 

Lawmakers say they will not support defense spending bill unless mandate is lifted

According to Breitbart, Sens. Rand Paul, Rick Scott, Lindsey Graham, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, Mike Braun, Roger Marshall, Tommy Tuberville, Marco Rubio, Steve Daines, Cindy Hyde-Smith, and Josh Hawley sent a letter to the Senate Republican leadership laying out their demands.

Specifically, the group is threatening to vote against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a piece of legislation that authorizes Pentagon spending.

Their price for supporting it is a vote on an amendment to the bill that would end the mandate and reinstate discharged troops with back pay.

"Our young men and women in the military deserve better," Breitbart quoted Sen. Paul as saying. "The Biden administration’s vaccination mandate has forced our nation’s young patriotic men and women to choose between their faith and their career, between their medical autonomy and their career."

"At a time when the military is struggling to meet their targets for recruitment, the Biden administration is firing soldiers we invested in and trained," the Kentucky lawmaker pointed out.

"This is something that the people want. It’s something our soldiers want. It’s something worth fighting for. And I hope our leadership will come around to supporting this," he concluded.

Lindsay Graham calls vaccine mandate "insane"

Sen. Graham agreed, declaring, "It literally is insane to drive men and women out of the military at the time we have recruiting shortages because of our refusal to take this vaccine."

"At the same time, we’ve had millions of people coming to the country legally without vaccination that are being sent by our own government all over the country. This is not lost on most people," he continued.

"I will not vote to get on this bill unless we have a vote to change this policy," the South Carolina senator went to pledge.

"That’s something I’ve never done before. So it makes no sense to me to discharge thousands of people … at a time when we need to get more people in the military," he added.

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