GOP vows to block bipartisan border security bill again

 May 21, 2024

Joe Biden is NOT having a good week when it comes to getting his ideas implemented in America.

First, a Texas judge blocked Joe Biden from closing America's "gun show loophole." Now, America's GOP has vowed once again to block the bipartisan border security bill.

When is Joe Biden going to learn that pushing his own agenda is NOT what America wants? We want what is best for America and Americans, not what is best for the Biden family and the rest of the liberals that rule over our federal government.

Border security package

The fight at America's southern border is about a lot more than immigration for Joe Biden. It could be the entire key to whether he wins or loses the 2024 election.

Biden has spent three years making sure that illegal immigrants were allowed to flow across our southern border, a point he proved when he appointed somebody he KNEW wouldn't get anything done (Kamala Harris) to be America's border czar.

America's open border, combined with liberals working tirelessly to eliminate voter identification laws, made Joe Biden think that he was going to be able to usher in enough voters to lift himself to victory in November.

What he didn't count on was the fact that Americans want other Americans to be taken care of first, and we're not doing a good enough job of that to be allowing illegal immigrants to take all of our resources to do that. As a result, Joe Biden and liberals are desperately trying to reverse Joe's messaging of the last three years.

He shuttled in all of the illegal voters, now he's trying to appeal to law-abiding Americans by claiming that we need to do something about the border. Inside that border bill are a number of other things unfavorable to Republicans as well, so it's not surprising that all of America realizes how insincere Joe is when pretending to care about our border.

BAD week for Joe

Biden also suffered a similar loss earlier this week when his administration was blocked from closing America's "gun show loophole," which allows unlicensed vendors to trade, buy, and sell firearms at gun shows across America.

2A lovers will argue that the gun show loophole is currently legal and they're doing nothing wrong. They want to be able to trade their collectibles around just as any other hobbyist would, and they're tired of being pushed around by the government when it comes to matters of personal responsibility.

Opponents of the Second Amendment have been arguing that the loophole needed to be closed because it offers a way for people to get guns in their hands without first completing a background check. They argue that this puts too many guns in the hands of people who aren't responsible enough to have guns.

To make matters even more humiliating for Joe Biden, the judge who blocked the rule from going into place was appointed to his post by none other than America's 45th president, Donald J. Trump.

Even when he's not in office, Donald Trump is still saving the Constitution.

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