GOP wins another House race

 December 3, 2022

Fox News reports that Republicans have won California's 13th Congressional District. 

This is the U.S. House of Representatives seat that was formerly held by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA). Lee, instead of seeking reelection in the 13th District, ran for California's 12th District and won.

This year's race for California's 13th District took place between farmer and businessman John Duarte, who is a Republican, and Democrat Adam Gray.

Gray, who previously was a member of the state assembly, had the support of California Gov. Gavin Newsome (D). But, that wasn't enough to get him across the finish line.

Duarte wins

It has been several weeks since the midterm elections - in fact, it is a whole new month. But, Duarte, just recently, was named the winner of the race.

The final tally is 67,041 for Duarte compared to 66,476 for Gray - a margin of just under 600 votes, which is less than half of a percentage point.

Following the victory, Duarte said, "Voters have chosen me to be their congressman and I am honored to be able to go in and fight for the 13th district."

Gray has conceded. He has posted a concession statement on Twitter, writing, "after weeks of incredibly hard work by our election workers, the result has become clear."

"While I had hoped for a different outcome, I accept the results and have called to congratulate my opponent, John Duarte," Gray added.

The big picture

The good news for Republicans, and the bad news for Democrats, is that the Republicans' House majority is only continuing to grow.

Now, with Duarte's victory, the Republicans are projected to have a 221 to 213 lead in the U.S. House of Representatives in the next Congress. That's three more seats than are necessary for a majority, which requires a minimum of 218 House seats.

There is still one more House seat that has yet to be called. That is the seat for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, where Rep. Lauren Boerbert (R-CO) is facing off against Democrat Adam Frisch.

The seat is expected to go to Boebert - in fact, Boebert has already claimed victory and Frisch has conceded. The race hasn't been called, though, because the margin of victory is so small that a mandatory recount has been ordered. This recount isn't expected to change things.

So, it is looking as though the Republicans will have a 222 to 213 lead in the U.S. House come January. It's certainly not as big a lead as the Republicans were hoping for. But, it is a lead nonetheless, and a big enough lead to put a stop to much of the Democrats' agenda.

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