Gov. Hobbs to continue transporting illegal migrants out of state

 January 22, 2023

In what came as a surprise to many, Arizona Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs said she will continue the practice of transporting illegal aliens to other cities, much like her predecessor, Gov. Doug Ducey (R).

The migrants are transported to various cities via bus or plane, the Washington Examiner reported.

Hobbs noted that her administration will tackle the issue differently in the sense that she will ensure the illegal migrants are bused to a city where they desire to go.

The Examiner noted: "Ducey began transporting migrants to northern cities such as Washington, D.C., last year in an effort to pressure President Joe Biden to address the border crisis. The White House has repeatedly denounced the practice, which has been used by other southern states, such as Texas, as being politically motivated."

Hobbs' plan

The newly-elected Democratic governor believes her particular program will work out better for the migrants, given that they won't be dropped off in random cities like Washington D.C. or Martha's Vineyard.

"We’re sending migrants to cities they actually need to go to and be connected with their sponsors, and we are doing it in a more cost effective way by looking at all travel options, not just buses," a spokesperson for Hobbs said.

Under Gov. Ducey, the cost per busload of illegal migrants ran about $82,000.

The program is estimated to cost roughly $1 million per month, but it could climb higher if migrants are now being bused to the destination of their choice.

Ducey, and several other Republican governors, made it clear at the time that the busses were loaded with volunteers only, and denied that they were being used as political props, much like the White House accused them of at the time.

Insane system

Nowhere in the world, aside from the United States, can you breach a country's borders, illegally, and then demand to be taken via charter bus or plane to the destination city of your choice, where you can essentially relax for several years before your court date, if you even decide to go.

The U.S. immigration system, quite frankly, is completely busted.

It worked well for several years under former President Donald Trump, but as soon as the Biden administration took over, it was game over.

Something needs to change, and fast, as this isn't sustainable for any state, and illegals are pouring across the border at record numbers and they will definitely continue to do so.


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