Gov. Newsom garners embarrassingly low polling numbers from constitutents

March 4, 2023

Democrats have a real conundrum on their hands for the 2024 race to claim the White House. President Joe Biden believes he deserves a second term, despite his embarrassing polling.

However, there's a crop of young, determined, eager Democrats, like California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), who would love to make a run for it. However, Newsom might be one of the few politicians polling as badly as Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

That raises new questions as to what the Democratic Party will do if Biden can't run. Harris is pretty much a guaranteed loss, so without those two, someone like Newsom seems like a viable option.

But his time running California has been less than impressive, if not downright disastrous, and the numbers show it.

Bad numbers

Just imagine doing so poorly as a radical left-wing politician that even California Democrats have grown sick and tired of you.

That's where Newsom finds himself right now. The Washington Examiner reported that recent surveys look downright humiliating for the young governor.

The Examiner noted:

A poll from Quinnipiac University found that just 24% of Californians want him to run for president, whereas 70% do not. Even among California Democrats, Newsom is still in the negatives, with 54% wanting him to sit out in 2024 and only 35% wanting him to run. This is despite the fact that 57% of Californians and 37% of California Democrats do not want President Joe Biden to run, according to a poll from the Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies.

Newsom took loss after loss over the past couple of years, at least in the PR department, as he found himself at the butt of every political joke.

Let's not forget, he came shockingly close -- at least closer than anyone believed -- to being recalled. That's pretty bad, too. And not something you want your opponents running campaign ads about.

Will he run?

Newsom has stated that he won't make a run for the nomination if Biden announces he'll run. But politics has a funny way of clouding old promises.

But on several occasions, Newsom has made presidential candidate-like moves, including taking out billboard ads in Florida for whatever nonsense messaging he was trying to push, to constantly inserting himself into national politics, especially in being critical of red states like Texas and Florida.

In other words, someone like Newsom can't stand the thought of not running, so don't be surprised when he announces.

The problem is, he must have people telling him in his ear that they like him, when, as the numbers above clearly indicate, most people do not like him. At all.

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