Gov. Newsom slams Dem-appointed fed judges on homelessness rulings

 September 2, 2023

Homelessness in California has become a shockingly massive issue, especially for Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA), whose future in politics will likely be determined, to a large degree, on how he ultimately handles the issue.

According to the Washington Examiner, Newsom, still rumored to be a possible Democratic presidential option for 2024 if something happens with President Joe Biden, appears to be desperately shifting blame away from his own failed policies regarding the worsening homelessness crisis in his state.

In recent years, the state has dropped billions in taxpayer funds in an attempt to mitigate the crisis, but that clearly hasn't worked.

Newsom also faces intense criticism for California's pathetic power grid, among other crises making it difficult for locals to maintain their lifestyles.

What did he say?

The embattled California governor slammed federal judges who he claims blocked the state's efforts to clear many homeless camps on the streets of the state's major cities.

"On homelessness, @ElonMusk has touched on a key issue. California has made record investments — $15.3 bil. But federal courts block local efforts to clear street encampments — even when housing and services are offered. Courts must also be held accountable. Enough is enough," Newsom tweeted.

The Examiner noted that Newsom's gripe with the judges is notable due to the fact that the judges he's referencing are Clinton and Obama appointees.

At one point, the governor even reportedly considered publicizing the phone numbers of the judges in question to ramp up public pressure.

Shadow campaign 2024?

Many believe Newsom is heavily considered jumping into the presidential fray, possibly even next year as President Biden's future in politics grows increasingly questionable by the day due to his never-ending gaffes and obvious cognitive decline.

The Examiner noted:

He has been all but running a shadow campaign in case President Joe Biden shows enough weakness that he can jump in, and he wants to keep his name alive for the 2028 presidential election once his term in California expires in 2026.

Newsom pretends that he's not interested in the call to the major leagues at this time, having previously said that he supports Biden's efforts to win again, but political observers seem to believe otherwise.

The Democratic governor is likely the strongest option Dems have against a formidable Republican opponent like Donald Trump. Only time will tell if they tag him in.

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