Gov. Youngkin signs new adult website age verification bill into law

May 14, 2023

Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin of Virginia continued his promise to protect his state's children with a monumental bill signing last week. 

According to the Daily Caller, Youngkin signed legislation into law requiring pornography sites to install an age verification system.

The law will hopefully mitigate minors' access to content that adults should only be able to view.

The bill goes further in stating that civil action can be taken against adult website companies that fail to comply with Virginia's new law.

The details

In SB 1515 it states that adult websites with a “substantial port” of above-18 sexual content on their website will be subjected to the new age verification law.

The Daily Caller added:

SB 1515, which passed the state senate by a 37-3 vote, and a 96-0 vote in the House of Delegates, defined “substantial portion” to be more than a third of the content on the site.

The Daily Caller noted:

Youngkin signed the bipartisan legislation into law, according to WTKR, after Utah passed similar legislation earlier this year. Louisiana also has a similar requirement, reported.

The bill signing was widely cheered across conservative and Republican circles on social media, as the porn epidemic is another cause of the downfall of society, especially as it effects children who have virtually unlimited access to it.

Some critics slammed the bill, citing privacy concerns and claiming it doesn't do much in the way of protecting minors.

Social media reacts

Many were also skeptical about the bill as far as how it would be enforced, given the rise of freely available Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and other ways to skirt blocks on certain internet content.

"This will be incredibly difficult to enforce," one Twitter user wrote.

"It’s a great idea but incredibly hard to enforce as pornaholics are all going to use VPNs," another Twitter user wrote.

While the bill certainly won't stop the most ambitious from finding ways around the age verification system, it will undoubtedly mitigate access, to some level, of that kind of content for minors. It's not perfect, but many would agree that it's certainly a step in the right direction.

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