Graham argues against Trump's Manhattan Trial: 'The whole thing is BS'

 May 3, 2024

With former President Donald Trump facing criminal accusations from the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, his allies in the political world have been standing up against the charges. 

This week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C. ) defended the former president against these claims, stating that he thinks the entire case to be "BS," as the Daily Wire reported.

Graham made these comments during an interview with Dana Bash that took place on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday. During the course of the conversation, they discussed the ongoing prosecutions taking place against Trump.

“If he’s convicted in any of these trials, would it change my view? No,” Graham said. “I think all these trials are political. I think it’s selective prosecution.

Prosecutorial Judgement

The lawmaker cited his concerns about the choice of the special prosecutor to charge the former president: "I think what’s going on in New York is an outrage. The case is eight years ago. They created a crime just for Trump. I think it’s selective prosecution for political purposes.”

Graham went on to voice frustration with the prospect that it could have been a politically motivated decision, instead of one prompted by a desire for justice.

“I think the Jack Smith trial is selective prosecution,” he continued. “They didn’t go after Clinton, they didn’t go after Biden on classified information breaches.

"So I think most Americans are not going to decide how to vote based on Trump’s legal troubles, but the troubles they face, inflation, crime, a broken border.”

What Americans Want

According to Graham, the results of these polls showed that people are much more concerned about their own problems and the issues that affect them than they are about the legal issues that Trump is facing.

The South Carolina Republican was clear and succinct that there wasn't a strong enough case to be brought against Trump, particularly considering the state statute of limitations.

When speaking about Bragg’s case in New York, Graham said: “I think the whole thing is a crock. The statute of limitations has long shut out the misdemeanor cases.

"So this liberal prosecutor in Manhattan came up with a federal campaign violation that the state of New York, Southern District of New York, looked at, the Federal Election Commission, looked at, Jack Smith looked at, and decided not to prosecute.”

Graham ended his comments, saying that the New York prosecutor was working out his own political frustrations with what he termed a "political hit job" against a candidate running for office:

“Alvin Bragg took a case that was rejected by the federal government to resurrect these misdemeanors. I think it’s a political hit job on Trump six months before the election. That’s what I think,” he added. “I think the whole thing is BS. Yes, I think it’s all BS, yes, political BS.”

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