Sen. Graham predicts Trump will ultimately appear on Colorado primary ballot and win primary there

 December 26, 2023

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled last week that former President Donald Trump was disqualified from appearing on the state's primary election ballot next year by way of Sec. 3 of the 14th Amendment due to his involvement in the "insurrection" that was the Jan. 6 Capitol riot of 2021.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) predicted Sunday that the court's ruling would not stand, that Trump would ultimately appear on Colorado's primary election ballot, and that the former president would win that electoral contest, according to Breitbart.

Relatedly, the South Carolina senator also distanced himself from Trump's continued claims that the 2020 election had been rigged against him and stolen even as Graham pointed out that the former president was not alone in questioning the results of an election or claiming to have been "cheated" by election fraud of some sort.

Graham says Trump will "eventually" be on Colorado ballot and "win the primary"

Sen. Graham appeared Sunday on ABC's "This Week" with guest host Pierre Thomas, the network's chief justice correspondent, who asked the Republican senator for his thoughts on the Colorado Supreme Court's 14th Amendment disqualification ruling against former President Trump.

"It’s not a rule -- a law-based ruling. It is a political decision," the former lawyer turned lawmaker said. "The hatred of Trump is so widespread. You know, the Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court, abolish the Electoral College, make D.C. and Puerto Rico a state and national elections through H.R. 1."

"This Colorado Supreme Court made a political decision. In my view, there is no constitutional basis for the decision they rendered. I think it will be a -- a slam dunk in the Supreme Court," he continued. "Donald Trump will eventually be on the ballot in Colorado. I think he will win the primary. You’ve got a lot of good choices in the Republican Party.

"But this ruling in Colorado is chilling to me and it would set up a politicization of the presidential races. It would be bad for the country," Graham added.

Trump not the first to question election results

ABC's Thomas also asked Sen. Graham about former President Trump continuing to be an "election denier" in questioning the results of the 2020 election, to which the senator replied, "Well, you know, Hillary Clinton didn’t -- had the same view that she was cheated. He’s not the first politician to claim to have been denied a fair election."

"But here’s what I would say -- I accept the election results of 2020. I'm worried about 2024. If President Trump puts the vision out, improving security and prosperity for Americans, he will win. If he looks back, I think he will lose," he continued.

Graham added, "So, at the end of the day, the 2020 election’s over for me. We need to secure the ballot in the 2024 cycle. But Donald Trump’s not the first person to complain about an election."

Trump campaign and others rebuke court decision, predict it will not stand

Sen. Graham is certainly not alone among dozens of elected officials and legal experts who have publicly expressed their disagreement with the conclusion reached by the Colorado Supreme Court concerning the question of former President Trump's eligibility to appear on state election ballots under the auspices of the U.S. Constitution's 14th Amendment.

The Trump campaign itself confidently predicted the Colorado ruling would eventually be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court and that the former president would not only ultimately appear on that state's 2024 primary election ballot but would also easily win that contest too.

Campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said in a statement on the same day as the ruling that the all-Democrat Colorado Supreme Court participated in a "scheme to interfere in an election on behalf of Crooked Joe Biden by removing President Trump’s name from the ballot and eliminating the rights of Colorado voters to vote for the candidate of their choice."

"The Colorado Supreme Court issued a completely flawed decision tonight and we will swiftly file an appeal to the United States Supreme Court and a concurrent request for a stay of this deeply undemocratic decision," he added. "We have full confidence that the U.S. Supreme Court will quickly rule in our favor and finally put an end to these unAmerican lawsuits."

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