Grammy-winning engineer killed by SWAT team after holding family hostage

 January 6, 2023

A Grammy Award-winning sound engineer was killed by police after allegedly holding his wife and adult stepdaughter hostage.

Mark Capps, 54, of Nashville was shot after brandishing a gun as a SWAT team entered his home during the hostage situation.

The details

"The death sent shock waves through much of the local music community. Capps was part of a family that is well-known in Nashville circles; he was the son of legendary session player, Grand Ole Opry guitarist and Musicians Hall of Fame member Jimmy Capps, who died in 2020," Variety reported.

"The fatal shooting of Capps comes just two days after his brother died, as indicated on his social media," it added.

The wild story of escape

"Capps started threatening his wife and stepdaughter at 3 a.m. The two were awakened and brought to the family room at gunpoint," Channel 5 Nashville reported.

"He told them if they called someone, he would kill them," police spokesperson Don Aaron said. "They were extremely frightened by him and his actions toward them in not letting them leave."

"Aaron said Capps was throwing things about their home and threatening the two with the gun and not letting them leave. After sunup, Capps fell asleep. The two victims fled the residence and went to the Hermitage precinct," the report added.

Capps has worked with Alabama, Ronnie Milsap, Shenandoah, Amy Grant, Brooks & Dunn, Blake Shelton, Big & Rich, and other big names according to his discography, the report shared.

The release of the bodycam footage shows the graphic account of the events leading to the fatal shooting of Capps by SWAT team members.

Capps brandished the gun as officers entered the home, with officers responding with force.

The sad events have shocked many in Nashville's music industry who knew Capps professionally, while thankful for the safety of his family members and officers involved.

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