Grassley reveals 17 audio recordings exist about Biden Burisma payments

 June 13, 2023

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) revealed that the Burisma business person who allegedly paid President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden has 17 audio recordings.

Grassley shared the information during a Senate floor speech on Monday about the investigation.

The details

"The FD-1023 form, dated June 30, 2020, is the FBI's interview with a 'highly credible' confidential source who detailed multiple meetings and conversations he or she had with a top Burisma executive over the course of several years, starting in 2015. Fox News Digital has not seen the form, which is redacted, but it was described by several sources who are aware of its contents," Fox News reported.

"Grassley said the FD-1023 has a redacted reference that the Burisma executive possesses fifteen audio recordings of phone calls between himself and Hunter Biden," it added.

The speech

"The foreign national who allegedly bribed Joe and Hunter Biden allegedly has audio recording of his conversation with them," Grassley said.

"17 such recordings...15 audio recordings of phone calls between him and Hunter Biden...two audio recordings of phone calls between him and then-Vice President Joe Biden...kept as a sort of insurance policy," he continued.

"And on the same day that the FBI provided a redacted version of the 1023 to the House Oversight Committee, the Justice Department announced that former President Trump had been indicted and charged with 37 crimes relating to his alleged mishandling of classified records," Grassley said in a statement following his speech.

"Two standards of justice"

"Attorney General Garland signed off on prosecuting Trump for conduct similar to what Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton engaged in. Two standards of justice in this country will turn our constitutional Republic upside down," he added.

The double standards will continue to be a theme that Republicans focus on as Trump faces his latest charges related to classified documents found last year in his Mar-a-Lago home.

The charges have not yet made an impact on his poll numbers, as polls taken since the announcement of the charges show him still holding a strong lead over other GOP candidates.

The latest Grassley speech shows that there is still more evidence to come that could make the situation more difficult for Biden in 2024.

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