Greek singing star Lizeta Nikolaou dies at age 72

 August 13, 2023

Tragic news emerged from abroad over the weekend when it was revealed that renowned Greek singing star Lizeta Nikolaou died due to injuries sustained in a fall, as The National Herald reports.

The death of the 72-year-old songstress was confirmed by fellow crooner Eleni Dimou, who wrote of the sad and surprising situation on Facebook, “What a pity...What a pity...Have a good journey, my I always told you.”

Sudden, tragic end

According to the Herald, the circumstances that led to Nikolaou's untimely demise unfolded during a visit she paid to an Athens cafeteria days prior.

The Greek City Times revealed that while still at the venue, Nikolaou attempted to make her way to the restroom, and that is when she fell down a series of stairs.

Medical assistance was immediately summoned in response to the emergency, and Nikolaou was taken by ambulance to a private clinic in Piraeus.

Though Nikolaou was intubated and placed in the facility's Intensive Care Unit without delay, the traumatic head injuries suffered in the fall ultimately proved too severe, and doctors were unable to save her life.

Storied career remembered

Born in 1951, the singer – whose birth name was Elisavet Katikaridou – hailed from Thessaloniki and got an early start in the music business.

Nikolaou was only 22 years of age when she began recording renditions of songs composed by Takis Soukas that were put together with lyrics from Iraklis Papasideris.

The well-loved artist was also known for her performances of music from Mikis Theodorakis as well as her appearances with numerous well-known Greek musicians across the decades.

Some of the other noteworthy composers and artists with whom Nikalaou was privileged to collaborate over the years included Yiannis Markopoulous, Charalambos Garganourakis, Dimitra Galani, and Vicky Moscholiou.

“It was like a fairy tale”

Looking back on the unlikely trajectory of her showbusiness career as well as some of her most significant achievements, Nikolaou explained on a television program years ago, “I left my career to its fate; I have no repulsors.”

“After the 'Thessalian Circle' and the whole collaboration with G. Markopoulous, big clubs started asking me – it was like a fairytale,” the celebrated performer mused.

Nikolaou continued, “I tell this to girls and boys, and they tell me, 'But this is a fairytale you're telling us!' Why do they struggle so much, and they came so easily to me!'”

In addition to her son, Alexandros, Nikolaou will undoubtedly be mourned – yet also fondly remembered – by the legions of fans in Greece and elsewhere who were entertained by her song stylings over her long and illustrious career.

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