Rep. Greene lambasts Speaker Johnson for having 'completely surrendered' to Dems on spending bill

 April 2, 2024

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has had a rough several months since ascending to that role last fall, and one of his most vocal critics, who is now threatening to oust him from his position, is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

On Monday, in a pair of hyper-critical X posts, Greene accused Johnson of having "completely surrendered" to Democrats on a government funding bill in terms of not sufficiently protecting the porous U.S. border with Mexico, according to The Hill.

The Georgia congresswoman also accused the speaker from Louisiana of setting up the American people for the "cruel joke" of approving $60 billion in aid to help secure Ukraine's borders against Russia while ignoring America's own lightly secured borders.

Greene says Johnson "completely surrendered" on spending bill, playing "cruel joke" with Ukraine aid

The Hill noted that Speaker Johnson, largely with the help of House Democrats, was recently able to pass a bill that will fund the federal government through September, and that the next order of business for the House, after they return next week from a break, is to consider a foreign aid package for Ukraine.

Rep. Greene has vociferously opposed both measures and has threatened to force action on a motion to vacate the chair, which would oust Johnson from the speakership if passed, if he proceeds with the Ukraine aid package as it currently sits.

In a Monday morning X post, Greene wrote, "If Speaker Johnson gives another $60 billion to the defense of Ukraine’s border after he FULLY FUNDED Biden’s deadly open border, the cruel joke would be on the American people. And it won’t be April Fools."

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing," she said in a separate post less than two hours later. "Speaker Johnson completely surrendered all power we had in the House to stop horrendous crimes like child rape by illegals when he fully funded Biden’s deadly open border without a fight."

Johnson shares frustrations over spending bill, says House GOP doesn't "need any dissension right now"

The Hill pointed that Rep. Greene's fiery critiques of Speaker Johnson came less than a day after he appeared Sunday night on Fox News for an interview with weekend host Trey Gowdy, during which he commiserated with the frustrations of Greene and other Republicans about the less-than-ideal spending bill and outlined a few options to make additional Ukraine aid more palatable for those who otherwise oppose it.

Asked by Gowdy if Greene's pending motion to vacate will help solidify or expand the House GOP's slim majority, Johnson replied, "I don't think it does, and I think all of my other Republican colleagues recognize this as a distraction from our mission." He further stated, "Again, the mission is to save the Republic, and the only way we can do that is if we grow the House majority, win the Senate, and win the White House. So we don't need any dissension right now."

The speaker revealed that he'd "exchanged text messages" with the congresswoman and planned to talk directly with her "early next week," mostly about "reforming the budgeting and spending process going forward."

Johnson also expressed his own frustrations with the recent spending package and explained, "These are not the perfect pieces of legislation that you and I and Marjorie would draft if we had the ability to do it differently."

"But with the smallest margin in U.S. history, we're sometimes going to get legislation that we don't like, and the Democrats know that when we don't all stand together with our razor-thin majority, then they have a better negotiation position, and that's why we got some of the things we didn't like," he added.

Alternative ideas for funding additional Ukraine aid

As for the Ukraine aid package that is next on the agenda, Fox News reportedly separately that Speaker Johnson outlined three proposals for how that aide might be structured in a way to win over the support of Republican lawmakers who've grown weary of the expensive support the U.S. has given Ukraine over the past two years.

The first proposal would be to liquidate seized Russian assets and provide those funds to Ukraine, while the second involved providing further aid in the form of loans that must be paid back if Ukraine ultimately prevails, and the third idea was centered on an effort to legislatively "unleash American energy" in the form of flooding international markets with American natural gas to diminish the value of Russian natural gas that is being used by that nation to finance its war against Ukraine.

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