Growing suspicion that Democrats will ditch Biden for Michelle Obama

 December 26, 2023

President Joe Biden is suffering from record low approval ratings even as most polls show him losing to former President Donald Trump.

That has a growing number of observers predicting that Democrats will ditch him in favor of former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Former Arizona state attorney general: "They know Biden can't win"

They include former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who recently talked about next year's presidential election with former British politician and current GB News host Nigel Farage.

"They know Biden can't win," Brnovich said of Democrats before saying that they may see California Gov. Gavin Newsom as an alternative.

The former state attorney general suggested that last month's debate between him and Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis could be an attempt to raise Newsom's profile.

However, Brnovich also pointed to "murmurings" about Mrs. Obama as "Democrats have put themselves in a real pickle."

"They’re kind of stuck with Joe Biden, but I do think behind the scenes, every Democrat I talk to is petrified that if it is Joe Biden versus Donald Trump, Donald Trump will win," he added.

Conservative filmmaker says Mrs. Obama is "copying" what her husband did

Brnovich's words echo those of Los Angeles filmmaker Joel Gilbert, who told One America News last month that the Democratic Party has essentially "set it up" for Mrs. Obama to be its nominee, insisting that the former first couple is "itching to get back in the White House"

"I followed the Obamas for years and I'm pretty well known for a film I made in 2012 called 'Dreams from My Real Father' about Barack Obama's background," he explained.

"And I noticed that when Trump got elected, Michelle Obama started copying what Barack Obama had done before he ran for president," Gilbert continued.

"Barack was the keynote speaker for John Kerry at the 2004 DNC Democratic Convention [and] sure enough, there was Michelle introducing Joe Biden at the 2020 convention," he pointed out.

Ted Cruz thinks Democrats are ready to "parachute in" Mrs. Obama

What's more, the 2024 Democratic National Convention is scheduled to be held in Chicago, the city in which Mrs. Obama was born and raised.

Meanwhile, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz also highlighted Biden's depressing poll numbers during an appearance in November on "Fox & Friends."

He declared that there is "a very real chance" Democrats are aiming to "jettison" the president and "parachute in" the former first lady as their nominee.

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