Haley Megadonor Pauses Support

 January 28, 2024

Reid Hoffman is a liberal billionaire, but there's a possibility that he hates Trump way more than he likes any Democrat.

The proof is in Nikki Haley's campaign.

Hoffman, despite being a liberal, has been pouring money into a pro-Nikki Haley super PAC in her bid to become the Republican nominee in 2024.

Reid apparently REALLY does not want Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee, and he's essentially been giving to Haley's campaign to try to make sure that that doesn't happen.

However, Hoffman seems to be losing faith in Haley, and doesn't think he's going to give anymore to the pro-Haley super PAC unless Nikki can show some sort of potential path to victory over Trump.

Right now, Hoffman doesn't think that path exists.

He's said that his "first priority is to defeat Trump," but he's not going to keep dumping money into Haley if it's not going to matter regardless.

If it's the case that Trump is going to be the nominee no matter how much money Hoffman pours into Haley, then Hoffman would rather just give his dollars to Joe Biden's campaign to try to defeat Trump in the primary.

Even if Haley did somehow figure out how to win the nomination, Hoffman still wouldn't vote for her in the general election.

He simply hates Trump.

“Prior to the primaries, we made an investment in Gov. Haley because we saw that her performance in New Hampshire might give her a path to defeating Donald Trump,” Hoffman's "political philanthropy advisor said.

It is interesting that Hoffman is so rich that he pays a man to sit around a figure out which politicians will do the most favors in returns for donations.

The elite of America certainly live in a different world than the rest of us do.

Hoffman's advisor said that they aren't opposed to giving more to Haley's causes if she can prove there's a possibility of catching Trump.

"It is still possible that Gov. Haley will be able to persuade voters that Trump is no longer stable and cannot carry their banner into the fall campaign," the advisor said.

Time will tell.

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