Harmeet Dhillon is overwhelming favorite of GOP voters in upcoming RNC race

January 13, 2023

Conservative lawyer Harmeet Dhillon is the clear favorite of the Republican base in the upcoming election for Republican National Committee chair.

According to a Trafalgar Group/Convention of States Action poll, Dhillon is supported by 86 percent of GOP voters, while current chair Ronna McDaniel is supported by just 14 percent.

GOP voters want McDaniel gone

Dhillon is the overwhelming favorite of Republicans of all races and age groups, and of either sex. The poll was taken from January 9 to January 11 among 1,072 registered Republican voters with an error margin of 2.9 percent.

A previous poll commissioned by the Convention of States Action also found that Republican voters lack confidence in the current leadership, with just 6 percent saying McDaniel should be re-elected, and 63 percent saying the RNC was ineffective in the 2022 midterms.

"The grassroots are pushing back and making their voices heard. And — contrary to what Ronna McDaniel has stated publicly — the leadership of the RNC should ultimately reflect the will of the Republican voter and move Republicans forward at the ballot box," Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action, told Newsmax. 

Donors endorse challenger

Dhillon, an RNC committeewoman and Fox News regular, has also gained support from some major Republican donors.

In a letter endorsing her, the donors warned that the GOP is "on the verge of permanent irrelevance" without new leaders at the helm.

"The Republican Party currently faces the most organized, radical, and weaponized Democrat Party the nation has ever seen," the letter says.

"Despite this clear and present threat to our freedom, the highest levels of the Republican National Committee appear to be more focused on blaming others for their lack of leadership and lining the pockets of cherry-picked consultants than on winning elections."

Failing upwards

However, the RNC race won't be up to Republican voters but the 168 members of the RNC, who have so far appeared to stick with McDaniel, despite a backlash from the conservative base after another disappointing election for the GOP.

The much anticipated "red wave" failed to appear in the midterms, as Republicans flipped the House by a small margin and Democrats expanded their razor-thin Senate majority by one seat.

Despite a dismal record of success, McDaniel's salary has more than tripled to $400,000 since her election in 2017.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is also mounting a long shot bid to replace McDaniel.

She has declined to participate in a public debate with Lindell and Dhillon in California, saying she has already committed to a closed-door forum the RNC is hosting.

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