Harmeet Dhillon promises 'top-to-bottom review' if elected RNC chair

December 14, 2022

After serving for nearly six years, Ronna McDaniel announced last month that she will seek another term as Republican National Committee (RNC) chairwoman.

Not everyone is impressed with her leadership, however, and that includes conservative activist Harmeet Dhillon. According to Dhillon, McDaniel needs to go. 

Dhillon: Midterm results were "disappointing at best"

Dhillon is an attorney who founded the Dhillon Law Group as well as the Center for American Liberty. During a recent interview, she spoke with "Breitbart News Daily" guest host Monica Crowley about why she's challenging McDaniel's leadership.

"I’m running for chair of the RNC because I think we need to really refocus the party," Dhillon told Crowley. "We haven’t won for the last six years."

"Our last midterm was – I would say – disappointing at best, and I think that there are a lot of things at the RNC that are institutionally geared towards not winning," she continued.

Dhillon complained that the Republican Party has "some consultants who are focused on their funding … as opposed to focusing on winning."

Message isn't resonating

"We have messaging that isn’t resonating with our base. We have mixed messages on what to do about early voting and ballot harvesting, which I think we need to absolutely be engaging in aggressively in order to win elections," she insisted.

Dhillon argued that the RNC is currently a "a top-down institution" where "power is concentrated at the top," something she said needs to change.

"Ronald Reagan began a populist wave in the party and … Donald Trump [led a] transformation of the party to much more of a blue-collar, grassroots party," she pointed out.

Yet Dhillon said that the party's "structure and leadership doesn’t reflect all of that," with "business relationships between the RNC and its contractors" having become "ossified."

"A lot of consultants — whether it be fundraising or otherwise — they get paid, whether they really succeed in elections or not," she said, declaring, "It needs to be run like a business."

RNC member says McDaniel's reelection isn't guaranteed

"I call for a top-to-bottom review of contracts and consulting agreements at the RNC to make sure that we have competitively bid agreements, that we are selecting these people based on pricing and also reviewing them based on results."

The Washington Times reported this past weekend that "RNC insiders say a fourth term for Mrs. McDaniel isn’t a done deal."

New Jersey RNC member Bill Palatucci told the Times, "RNC members are experts at looking you in the eye and saying, 'Oh I am with you' and in a secret ballot going into the voting booth and slitting your throat."

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