VP Harris hits campaign trail to fundraise on behalf of Biden

 May 31, 2024

Most Americans view President Joe Biden as too old and too physically and mentally unfit to perform his current duties in office, much less campaign for another four-year term, and that view is bolstered by the Biden campaign's heavy reliance upon surrogates to rally supporters on his behalf.

One of Biden's top surrogates is Vice President Kamala Harris, who is set to leave Washington D.C. this weekend for a visit to Washington State for a pair of campaign fundraising events in Seattle, according to local NPR affiliate KUOW.

Though details of the Saturday events remain sparse, the outlet reported that tickets range from $500 for general admission up to $50,000 for a premium seat and photo opportunity with the Democratic vice president.

Harris fundraising for Biden re-election

The pair of fundraising events on Saturday in Seattle were first reported on last week by the Northwest Progressive Institute, which noted that all money raised would go to the Biden Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee that splits funds between the Biden-Harris campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the 50+ state and territorial-level Democratic Party organizations.

One of the events is billed as a "reception" with the vice president that includes an entry-level cost of $6,600 to attend with escalating tiers of benefits and titular honors for donors who give up to $100,000 to the fundraising effort.

NPI noted that President Biden himself spoke at a fundraising event in Seattle earlier in May while first lady Jill Biden did the same last year in September, as did VP Harris previously in August.

Biden's troubled campaign and public perception

In March, TIME magazine published a lengthy article exposing the rough and troubled start for President Biden's re-election campaign and its purported plans to kick that campaign into high gear over the spring and summer months ahead of the November rematch of the 2020 election against former President Donald Trump.

One part of the "turnaround plan" for the campaign would be its reliance upon surrogates to hit the road and speak on behalf of Biden, ostensibly to free him up to focus his attention and energy on his presidential duties. Yet, the at-times critical report also noted that the campaign has effectively enveloped the elderly and gaffe-prone president in protective "bubble wrap" by limiting his schedule in terms of speaking engagements, public appearances, and media interviews.

The reasons why have become increasingly obvious to not just Biden's aides and staffers but also most American voters, as was revealed in April by the Pew Research Center following a survey that found that roughly two-thirds of voters were "not too" or "not at all" confident that 81-year-old Biden has the mental (62%) and physical (65%) fitness necessary to do the job he was selected to do four years ago -- and for which he is seeking a second four-year term.

Harris takes on leading surrogate role

As for VP Harris, CNN reported in April that she had begun to emerge as President Biden's top surrogate and was increasingly adopting a "prosecutor" role on the campaign trail on his behalf.

That, of course, means incessant partisan attacks against former President Trump in support of the Democratic narrative, dutifully parroted by the media, that he is some sort of corrupt criminal who presents a unique destructive threat toward the nation specifically and democracy more generally.

But it also involves focusing on controversial and divisive issues deemed critical to Democrats, including abortion rights, gun control, racism, student loan debt relief, and the supposed Republican "assault" against things like "freedom" and voting rights.

High disapproval for Harris

The CNN article acknowledged VP Harris' poor approval ratings -- 538 currently has her at 38.4% approval, with 49.9% disapproval -- and how some people say she "rubs them the wrong way," particularly with her cackling laugh, and how her public speaking appearances often provide easy fodder for Republican attack ads and video clips on social media.

Yet, interestingly enough, that piece also observed that many people would rather hear Harris speak on important issues than President Biden, which perhaps inadvertently revealed why Harris, despite being broadly disliked by half the country, is so often now standing front and center on behalf of an incapable incumbent president who is arguably even more disliked by the American people and lacks the wherewithal to change peoples' opinions.

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