VP Harris, Commerce Dept., reveal $562 million in grants for coastal communities to guard against climate change

 April 22, 2023

Despite legitimate objections from Republicans about how rampant federal spending perpetuates inflation, the Biden administration and their Democratic allies in Congress continue to wastefully spend massive amounts of taxpayer funds on various aspects of their decidedly partisan policy agenda.

The latest example came Friday via an announcement from Vice President Kamala Harris about more than a half-billion dollars that will be distributed as federal grants to coastal communities to help make them more "resilient" to the potential future impacts of climate change, Fox News reported.

Those grants will be issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate-Ready Coasts Initiative with taxpayer funding allocated by Congress to that program in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and so-called Inflation Reduction Act, according to the Department of Commerce.

Harris announces coastal resilience funding in speech

On Friday, Vice President Harris delivered a speech at the University of Miami in Florida to announce the NOAA Coastal Resilience Funding grants.

Harris wasted little time in engaging in fear-mongering about the potentially devastating effects of climate change in the indeterminate future, which actually led to an unwittingly revelatory aside about the psychological impact such incessantly dire warnings have had on many young people.

The VP made mention of something called "climate anxiety," which she described as "The -- the emotional, the -- the psychological, the mental toll that the knowledge about this crisis is taking on our young people."

Moving swiftly past that, though -- without any acknowledgment of the real source of that "anxiety" -- Harris then proceeded to the main topic of her remarks, federal funding for coastal communities that are "on the frontlines of the climate crisis."

To great applause from the audience, the VP said, "I am proud to announce that our administration will invest $562 million to fund climate-resilient projects in 149 coastal cities, towns, and counties across America."

Where will this half-billion in taxpayer funding go?

In conjunction with the announcement from Vice President Harris came a press release from the Department of Commerce about the grants that would be awarded to 149 different projects in 30 coastal states and territories and the progeny of the $562 million in taxpayer funds that would be distributed by NOAA's Climate-Ready Coasts Initiative.

Of the $562 million total, $477 million would be directed toward "high-impact natural infrastructure projects strengthening coastal communities’ ability to respond to extreme weather events, pollution, and marine debris; restoring coastal habitats to help wildlife and humans thrive; building the capacity of underserved communities to address climate hazards and supporting community-driven restoration; and creating jobs in local communities."

An additional $46 million was provided by NOAA's National Fish and Wildlife Foundation National Coastal Resilience Fund partnership and would be directed toward "projects that will help communities prepare for increasing coastal flooding, sea-level rise and more intense storms, while improving thousands of acres of coastal habitats."

Finally, $39.1 million would be distributed to "34 state and territorial coastal zone management programs and 30 national estuarine research reserves that work in partnership with NOAA under the Coastal Zone Management Act" for the purpose of providing "essential planning, policy development and implementation, research, education, and collaborative engagement with communities around the nation to protect coastal and estuarine ecosystems important for the resilience of coastal economies and the health of coastal environments."

Commerce and NOAA fully onboard with Biden's climate agenda

"The Biden-Harris Administration is moving aggressively to tackle the climate crisis and help communities that are experiencing increased flooding, storm surge and more frequent extreme weather events," Commerce Sec. Gina Raimondo said in the press release. "These investments will create jobs while protecting people, communities and ecosystems from the threats of climate change, and help our nation take the steps it needs to become more resilient and build a clean energy economy."

NOAA Administrator Rick Spinrad said, "NOAA has a long history of working with community partners to advance our understanding of coastal processes, conserve coastal resources and restore habitat in ways that benefit wildlife, people, and the economy," and added, "Funding through the President’s Investing in America agenda allows us to super-charge these activities so that communities facing all types of climate impacts can prepare for what’s ahead, create climate-smart jobs and build economic resilience, and ultimately thrive."

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