Hearing set for Trump's request to disqualify Georgia prosecutor

 July 31, 2023

Donald Trump is expected to face new criminal charges in Georgia in the coming weeks - but first, a court will consider a last plea from the former president to disqualify the liberal prosecutor. 

A judge set a hearing for Thursday, August 10th, to consider Trump's request concerning Fani Willis, the Democrat district attorney of Fulton County.

Trump has argued that Willis is part of a wider political witch hunt to railroad his presidential campaign.

Trump moves to dismiss Georgia case

In addition to Willis, Trump is also seeking to disqualify the Fulton County judge supervising the case and a special grand jury report recommending charges.

"[Trump] now sits on a precipice," the filings states. "A regular Fulton County grand jury could return an indictment any day that will have been based on a report and predicate investigative process that were wholly without authority."

All of the judges in Fulton County have been recused from the case, which is being weighed by Senior Superior Court judge Steven Schuster, of Cobb County. The judge asked both sides to file their briefs on August 8th, two days before the hearing.

It is believed that Willis will pursue racketeering charges against Trump and others who helped him challenge the 2020 election in Georgia, where Biden won by a razor-thin margin of 10,000 votes.

Willis has focused on a phone call between Trump and a Georgia election official in which Trump talked about "finding" enough votes to close the gap.

Criminalizing politics

Needless to say, it is unprecedented for an American president to be charged with the "crime" of challenging an election result, particularly one as close and divisive as this one. Trump has also been warned by federal prosecutor Jack Smith to expect an indictment over the 2020 election soon.

The charges are especially sensitive because Trump could very well face Biden again in 2024 - but that isn't stopping Democratic prosecutors from trying to interfere.

Last week, Smith piled on additional charges in Trump's classified documents case. Trump is also facing charges over "hush money" in New York, another deeply liberal jurisdiction - like Washington and Atlanta - where Trump's ability to receive a fair trial is questionable at best.

Courts have not been receptive to Trump's claim that he is being politically targeted, including the Georgia Supreme Court, which rejected his motion to disqualify Willis weeks ago. Willis has said she will make a charging decision by September.

Sadly, this may turn out to be another futile effort by Trump's lawyers to wring some fairness out of a fundamentally crooked and political process.

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