Hillary, Bill Clinton accosted by pro-Palestinian protestors outside NYC theater

 April 7, 2024

A shocking scene unfolded on Wednesday in which a well-known Democrat power couple faced hecklers on the street in the Big Apple.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was assailed by pro-Palestinian protestors as a “super predator,” while her husband, former President Bill Clinton, was branded a “piece of s**t,” as the Daily Mail reports.

Clintons accosted in New York

The incident took place outside Manhattan's Music Box Theater, where the Clintons had gone to take in a preview of the stage production of Suffs in which the former first lady has taken a behind-the-scenes executive role.

The Wednesday event was one in which the Clintons and Broadway stalwart Lin-Manuel Miranda worked to bolster President Joe Biden's re-election campaign, but it certainly did not pass without significant disruption.

Protestors who assembled at the theater took special aim at Hillary Clinton, declaring her complicit in “the deaths of millions” and suggesting that she and her husband have facilitated “genocide.”

One particularly angry demonstrator asked the failed Democratic presidential candidate, “Hillary, has anyone ever told you that you are the super predator?”

“You are responsible for genocides, you are responsible for atrocities. You're literally helping facilitate the genocide of Palestinian people,” the individual went on.

Bolstering Biden

As the Hollywood Reporter explained, Wednesday's performance of Suffs was designed to do double duty as a fundraiser for Biden, with tickets ranging from $500 to $5,000.

Miranda served as a co-presenter of the event and praised the work of the performers, support staff, and production team, saying, “It's incredible...you're doing good and helping saving American democracy while you're doing that.”

The night at the theater came close on the heels of another New York fundraiser for Biden which reportedly raised over $26 million with the help of former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as well as moderator Stephen Colbert.

However, despite significant media hype over the supposedly “historic” nature of takings from the night's event, former President Trump reportedly pulled in more than $50 million at a Palm Beach event on Saturday.

Not just New York

Notably, the vocal critiques of Hillary did not stop at the Manhattan theater, as she also faced a group of angry detractors on Saturday during an appearance at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, the former first lady's alma mater.

As NBC Boston notes, a cadre of students took their positions outside a democracy summit taking place at the college, in which Clinton was set to be featured.

In the days prior to Saturday's Wellesley event, anti-Clinton activists reportedly circulated pamphlets declaring her “Wellesley's most-beloved war criminal” and disclaiming any connection to her legacy, raising questions about just how effective a surrogate she can be for Biden as his re-election campaign rolls on.

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