Hillary Clinton attacks Trump as sources say she will take a 'key role' in Biden campaign

 April 16, 2024

NBC News reported late last year that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will act as a "key player" in President Joe Biden's reelection efforts.

That report appears to have been confirmed by recent events, including a social media post Clinton put up on X, the social media platform previously known as Twitter.  

Clinton bashes Trump over tax cut

In it, the former secretary of state took aim at a tax reform bill Trump signed into law seven years ago, writing, "On this Tax Day, look at the beneficiaries of Trump’s tax cuts from 2017."

"You'll see who he really cares about—and who he'll leave in the dust again if re-elected," the failed 2016 Democratic nominee went on to add.

As NJ.com pointed out, Clinton included a graph created by the left-wing Center on Budget and Policy Priorities which showed those in the top 1% of earners getting the most benefit.

Clinton held $1 million fundraiser at her home

However, the website also noted that Trump's tax bill also doubled the standard deduction and enhanced the child tax credit while capping the deduction which high-earners in blue states can use to offset state and local taxes.

What's more, NJ.com further cited an estimate from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center as saying that 87% of those earning between $49,000 and $86,000 in 2015 will receive an average tax cut of $930.

Mrs. Clinton involvement in the 2024 campaign is not limited to social media comments, as NBC News pointed to a fundraiser held at her Georgetown home which raised $1 million for Biden.

"At the end of the day, Biden needs all the help that he can get. What he needs is both the spirit and the actual reality of unity," an unnamed Democratic strategist was quoted as telling NBC News.

Meanwhile, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle told the network that Mrs. Clinton and her husband "have an enormous level of support and admiration within the Democratic Party."

Source says Clinton will "do whatever is asked"

A source said to be close with the Clintons spoke up as well, saying, "She and her husband will do whatever is asked of them.

"Some elected [officials] and former elected [officials] are, 'Send us a list and we’ll do two out of the 20' [events]. She'll do 18 out of the 20,'" the anonymous figure added.

However, critics like Fox News host Charlie Hurt have expressed skepticism over how much help Clinton will be. He said in December that "Joe Biden's going to need more than a[n] 'I'm with her T-shirt' with all of his political problems."

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