Hillary Clinton claims Trump wants to use the army to round people up by appearance

 February 20, 2024

Former Secretary of State and bitter two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made egregious and unfounded accusations against former President Donald Trump during a break on Saturday at the Munich Security Conference, accusing him of planning to use the army to round up people by their appearance. 

"You need to listen to him and take him seriously," Clinton said to CNN's Christian Amanpour. "He is telling us what he wants to do. He wants to be a dictator on day one. He wants to round up people because of the way they look. They may or may not be undocumented. It doesn't matter to him. He wants to call out the Army to do that."

It wasn't clear where Clinton was getting her information or to which comments of Trump's she was referring, other than one comment in which he said he would be a dictator on day one of his administration to undo all of President Joe Biden's dictatorial executive orders (but only on day one, not through the whole administration).

Granted, it was a poor choice of words that Democrats were happy to twist into something completely different, but he clearly only meant the comment in the context of undoing the damage he believes has been done by Biden in regard to the border and so-called green energy policies on day one of his administration before moving forward.

No basis in fact

Google searches did not reveal any search results about Trump using the Army to round up people based on appearance, as Clinton stated.

He might have plans to use some military resources on the border, but has not really seemed to talk about it much.

Clinton urged Congress to pass a law preventing him from doing so, but lamented the fact that the Republican majority (which she called the minority) in the House probably would not bring it up.

"I cannot understand it. There are people I served with in the Senate for eight years who have turned on America in order to curry favor with Trump," she accused. "I don't recognize these people. These are people who I worked with, that I traveled with. And to hear what's coming out of their mouths now is just shocking to me."

Vile intentions...or all made up?

Clinton continued to accuse Trump of what she obviously considers vile intentions for his second term.

"He wants to use, you know, the Insurrection Act to militarize American law enforcement," she said. "He has a whole team of right-wing thinkers, so to speak, who are coming up with an agenda called Project 2025. He wants to rid the government of any kind of independent expertise."

Project 2025 is a Republican initiative to right some of the wrongs Democrats have done to the country under Biden, but it is not specific to Trump, at least not according to the website, which mentions a generic president-elect, not Trump specifically.

She went on, "So, you know, he wants people who will say -- when he said memorably during COVID, maybe you should inject yourself with bleach, instead of looking shocked, they will say, yes, sir, Mr. President. That's what he wants. He wants to bend the government of the United States to his will, just like Vladimir Putin did to Russia."

Glenn Beck has a saying that I think applies here: Look at what the Democrat side is accusing you of, because that's exactly what they themselves are doing.

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