Hillary Clinton heckled with cries of 'war criminal'

 February 16, 2024

Protesters shouted at Hillary Clinton and labeled her a "war criminal" as she delivered a lecture at Columbia University.

Clinton has long been accused of helping to destabilize Middle Eastern nations - most notably, Libya - through the pursuit of regime change missions during her time as secretary of state under President Obama.

Her refusal to support a cease-fire in the war between Israel and Hamas has once again inflamed anti-Clinton sentiment on the left.

Clinton declared 'war criminal'

Clinton was about to start her talk at Columbia when a protester addressed her by her full name.

"Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton," the man shouted.

"That's my name," she responded drily.

"You are a war criminal," the protester continued. "The people of Libya, the people of Iraq, the people of Syria, the people of Yemen, the people of Palestine, as well as the people of America will never forgive you."

The protester was dragged out but continued to shout that Clinton would "burn."

Clinton continued to face disruption from additional protesters.

"People are free to protest, but they are not free to disrupt events or classes, and that is going to be the standards that we follow here and going forward," Clinton said.

Democrats struggle with their base

Such scenes have become a regular spectacle since Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7, triggering a brutal war.

Democrats including Clinton and President Biden have angered the party's progressive base by refusing to back a cease-fire in Gaza, where thousands of Palestinians have died in Israel's campaign to wipe out Hamas.

The issue has left Biden struggling to balance recognition of a traditional U.S. ally with the desire to placate voters who regard the Jewish state as an oppressive "occupier."

Biden backed a Senate bill that passed this week with $14 billion in military aid to Israel, along with $9 billion in humanitarian aid to Gazans.

The White House has lobbied for a two-state solution, but Israel has rejected the proposal as a threat to its security needs as Palestine demands a territory "from the river to the sea."

Clinton dismissed calls for a cease-fire early on in the conflict, arguing it would only help Hamas.

"Hamas would claim that it had won and it would remain a key part of Iran’s so-called axis of resistance,” she said. “Cease-fires freeze conflicts rather than resolve them.”

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