Hillary Clinton labels Tucker Carlson a 'useful idiot' over his Putin interview

 February 9, 2024

Hillary Clinton recently weighed in on Tucker Carlson's forthcoming interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, characterizing Carlson as a "useful idiot" during an interview with MSNBC's Alex Wagner.

Clinton's reaction wasn't surprising, given Carlson's history of echoing Putin's disinformation, particularly regarding the Ukraine conflict.

The remarks

In her critique, Clinton pointed out Carlson's tendency to regurgitate Putin's falsehoods about Ukraine, suggesting that this alignment made him an attractive choice for Putin's interview.

Carlson has consistently opposed U.S. aid to Ukraine, arguing that it harms American cities.

In his announcement on Twitter, Carlson defended his decision to interview Putin, accusing Western media of ignoring opportunities to speak with the Russian leader. He urged viewers to watch the interview, emphasizing the importance of informed citizenship.

Her criticisms

Clinton, however, speculated on how Carlson might be perceived in Russian media circles, suggesting that he is ridiculed and comparing him to a "puppy dog."

She even hinted that Carlson might receive an offer from a Russian media outlet due to his perceived usefulness to Putin's agenda.

While details of the interview's publication remain unconfirmed, it marks a significant event as the first time a Western media figure has secured an interview with Putin since the start of the Ukraine conflict in 2022.

It gets worse

Clinton's suggestion that Carlson could be offered a position at a Russian outlet underscores fears of foreign influence shaping media narratives within Western democracies.

Moreover, the timing of the interview, amid ongoing tensions between Russia and the West over Ukraine, adds another layer of significance. Carlson's decision to provide a platform for Putin's views at such a critical juncture raises questions about journalistic integrity and the responsibilities of media figures during times of conflict.

Clinton's characterization of Carlson as a "puppy dog" in Russian media highlights the potential consequences of his actions on his reputation and credibility, both domestically and internationally. It also underscores broader concerns about the erosion of trust in media institutions and the proliferation of disinformation in today's media landscape.

The former first lady's remarks serve as a stark reminder of the complex interplay between media and politics. Her words, however, strike as hypocritical following her own background in government which has included foreign policy blunders and accusations that still remain unanswered years after her time as Secretary of State and running against Trump in 2016.

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