Hillary Clinton savagely mocked online after unveiling of official State Department portrait

 September 29, 2023

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was honored this week with a belated unveiling of her official portrait at the State Department roughly 10 years after her tenure in that position concluded in 2013.

Clinton was well-received at the State Department ceremony, but the same cannot be said for online, as the former secretary was brutally mocked and reminded of her deadly failures and alleged wrongdoings when she shared the portrait on social media, Fox News reported.

The dichotomy couldn't have been more stark in terms of the real identity of Clinton, as on the one hand she was portrayed as a highly competent and inspirational leader on the global stage while on the other she was exposed as a self-absorbed elitist who bent and broke the rules to her own benefit and was responsible for the deaths of multiple Americans.

Clinton honored with official portrait

During Tuesday's portrait unveiling ceremony in the recently refurbished Benjamin Franklin Room of the State Department, current Sec. Antony Blinken delivered a speech to the gathered employees and visitors and welcomed home "our guest of honor, Secretary Clinton."

"Now, as the secretary knows very well, the walk to the secretary’s office on the seventh floor is a little bit awe-inspiring; it’s a little bit humbling," Blinken said. "You pass through the stately diplomatic reception rooms and then down that wood-paneled mahogany row, surrounded by portraits of our predecessors, most of them looking a little bit severe, many with some pretty imaginative facial hair, and all but three of them white men."

A moment later, he continued to great applause, "And now, beginning today, another secretary will join this esteemed group -- a secretary who helped transform American diplomacy for the 21st century: Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Blinken would go on to heap praise on Clinton for her purported accomplishments as secretary and highlighted some of her biggest achievements around the globe, and concluded, "Her time here inspired so many people, so many people in this room and so many others well beyond this room, in this country and around the entire planet. It inspired them to try to do the same thing. And for that, I could not be more grateful, both as one of your successors and simply as an American."

For her part, the former secretary also delivered remarks of her own and expressed her deep gratitude for the honor she was receiving and, interspersed among several jokes, also sought to draw attention to some of the things she had done in that prior role that she was most proud of before the final unveiling of her portrait, which had been delayed by both the COVID pandemic as well as her not wanting the ceremony to occur during the Trump administration.

Social media post receives severe pushback

After the State Department ceremony was finished, Clinton took to X-Twitter to share her official portrait and wrote, "Today, I was honored to return to the @StateDept and join @SecBlinken in unveiling my official portrait as 67th Secretary of State. We're delighted to share it with the American public right here, in case you don't make it in person to headquarters in Foggy Bottom anytime soon."

To say that Clinton's post didn't go over particularly well would be an understatement, as she was scorched in the replies and retweets with reminders of how not all was well during her tenure at the State Department.

Fox News noted that countless references were made to the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack in Libya, during which four Americans were murdered, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, and about which Clinton and others within the Obama administration egregiously lied to the American public to cover up their culpability in the horrifyingly fatal event.

There were also numerous references to Clinton's blatantly illegal private email server scandal while she served as secretary, for which she managed to dodge any real accountability even as she had criminally deleted tens of thousands of subpoenaed documents -- save for subsequently embarrassingly losing the 2016 election to Donald Trump.

All told, amid dozens of displays of pure disgust, Clinton was repeatedly informed that she "should be in jail" for the Benghazi murders, the email server scandal, scandals surrounding her family's Clinton Foundation, and other allegedly criminal acts committed by her and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, during their decades-long political careers.

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