Hillary Clinton roasted for 'I Will Survive' Carpool Karaoke clip

 December 12, 2022

A clip of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton singing a Carpool Karaoke version of "I Will Survive" has been drawing attention on Twitter, and not the good kind--one commenter even compared the performance to terrorism, tongue in cheek of course.

The segment was on season five of the Apple TV+ show, and featured Vanessa Williams and comedian Amber Ruffin. It was widely panned on Twitter, with Hillary Clinton in particular getting a sound roasting.

"When you die and wake up in literal hell," the clip was captioned by author H.K. Belvidere.

Conservative influencer Nat Shupe agreed, "This is the video played on a loop as you enter the depths of hell."

"Welcome to Hell"

Hell seemed to be a common theme of the comments, with The Columbia Bugle saying, "Welcome to Hell."

Italian journalist Alessandra Bocchi lamented, "This hurt my ears."

Jack Posobiec called the clip The Hillary Challenge and asked, "Can you make it all the way through this video without jumping out a window?"

Is it real?

Some were not even sure if the clip was real.

Journalist and YouTuber Millie Weave asked, "Is this green screened? Why do I keep seeing the same cars going by out of the window?"

But the most interesting reaction came from Rita Panahi, who asked, "What manner of terrorism is this?"

"Next level cringe"

Conservative YouTuber Josiah Rises pointed out the cringe factor at play, saying, "I couldn't even watch the whole thing this is next level cringe."

The same thing happens every time Hillary Clinton tries to be trendy or capitalize on all the celebrities--many of which are aging ones now--who performed for, endorsed and supported the Clintons when they were in office and even Hillary Clinton's candidacy in 2016.

No doubt she would still like to run for president again even though she is 76, but honestly a big part of the reason Donald Trump won in 2016 is because she was so unlikeable.

It's time for her to hang up her broom and admit that she will never be president, and that history will say she was one of the most disliked political figures of her time, if not of all time.

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