Hillary Clinton says Trump is right to warn that Democrats will expand abortion

 May 23, 2024

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has long been a committed foe of former President Donald Trump and complained that his time in office was "illegitimate."

Yet in a highly unexpected move, Clinton confessed this week that there is at least one thing Trump is right about.  

Clinton agrees that Democrats will expand abortion

According to NJ.com, the former secretary of state put out a social media post on Monday that Trump is telling the truth when he says Democrats will expand abortion.

"I've got to hand it to Donald Trump. He's right about this one!" she wrote. That comment referenced a video in which Trump could be heard saying that "if radical Democrat extremists get their way, they will have federal law for abortion."

Abortion has gained prominence as a political issue ever since America's highest judicial body ruled in 2022 that it is not a constitutionally protected right.

Trump: "I was able to kill Roe v. Wade"

Trump appointed three of the Supreme Court justices who voted for that decision, something which he has frequently taken credit for.

"After 50 years of failure, with nobody coming even close, I was able to kill Roe v. Wade, much to the 'shock' of everyone," the former president said in a 2023 post on Truth Social.

"Without me there would be no 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 15 weeks, or whatever is finally agreed to. Without me the pro Life movement would have just kept losing," he added.

Since then, a number of states have passed laws to protect children in the womb while others have expanded access to late-term abortion.

Physician explains how 24-week abortion is done

Dr. Kathi Aultman is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist who formerly performed abortions, and she went over in a video for the pro-life group Live Action how one is done at 24 weeks.

"After the amniotic fluid is removed, the abortionist uses a sopher clamp — a grasping instrument with rows of sharp "teeth" — to grasp and pull the baby’s arms and legs, tearing the limbs from the child’s body," Aultman stated.

"The abortionist continues to grasp intestines, spine, heart, lungs, and any other limbs or body parts. The most difficult part of the procedure is usually finding, grasping and crushing the baby's head," she explained.

"After removing pieces of the child’s skull, the abortionist uses a curette to scrape the uterus and remove the placenta and any remaining parts of the baby," the physician went on to add.

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