Hillary Clinton says Trump will withdraw the US from NATO if reelected

 February 19, 2024

Critics of former President Donald Trump say that world order would be threatened should he prevail over President Joe Biden in this year's election.

They include former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who recently alleged that under Trump the United States will resign from NATO.  

Clinton warns world leaders to take Trump's words "literally and seriously"

According to CNBC, Clinton's prediction was made this past Saturday as she addressed those present at the Munich Security Conference.

"He will pull us out of NATO," the former secretary of state declared. Clinton advised conference attendees to take Trump's hostile words about the alliance "literally and seriously."

Clinton's warning came in the wake of comments Trump made earlier this month to supporters during a campaign rally in Conway, South Carolina.

Trump: "Look, if they’re not going to pay, we’re not going to protect. OK?"

The former president said that he at one point threatened to withhold military assistance from Europe's NATO members if they did not keep up with their treaty obligations.

"I said everybody is going to pay," Trump recalled. "They said, 'Well, if we don't pay, are you protect us?' I said, 'Absolutely not.' They couldn't believe the answer. And everybody...You never saw more money pour in."

"Look, if they’re not going to pay, we’re not going to protect. OK?" the Republican Party's likely nominee continued before adding that he threatened to tell Russia "to do whatever the hell they want."

However, CNBC noted that Trump's remarks were downplayed by Idaho Republican Sen. Jim Risch, who serves as ranking member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Dutch prime minister calls on Europeans to stop their "moaning and whining"

"We have answered that question," Risch told CNBC when asked about whether Trump would take the United States out of NATO.

"It would take a two-thirds vote in the United States Senate to get out — that is never going to happen," the Republican lawmaker insisted.

Meanwhile, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte complained on Saturday that Trump's critics are engaged in unproductive alarmism.

In a speech of his own at the Munich Security Conference, Rutte advised his fellow leaders to "stop moaning and whining and nagging" about the former president and instead focus on becoming militarily self-sufficient.

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