Hillary Clinton says ‘We’re beginning to count and record climate-related deaths’

December 6, 2023

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton attended the 28th annual United Nations Climate Conference (COP28) in Dubai and spoke to attendees of the star-studded event about the “climate change” related deaths that she believes are on the rise.

The former and failed, two-time presidential candidate said that those deaths are increasing, and the blame for them can be placed on extreme heat attributed to “extreme heat," as The Daily Fetched. reported.

The Obama administration secretary of state asserted that the heat-related deaths were being carefully tallied and that the total was already high and on the rise.

Clinton's Primary Comments

“We are seeing and beginning to pay attention and to count and record the deaths that are related to climate. And by far the biggest killer is extreme heat,” Clinton said.

The former first lady went on to reference a European heatwave, asserting that it was responsible for 61,000 deaths. She also claimed that climate change-related deaths are also influenced by gender.

This comes on the heels of the Harvard Business Review saying in an almost unbelievable statement, “We can’t fight climate change without fighting for gender equity.”

More of Clinton's Comments

“I mean, even in Europe last summer, which has the ability to count and figure out what happened, they recorded 61,000 deaths because heat in Europe, we don’t have that kind of number yet from Africa, Asia, Latin America," Clinton said.

“But we know and estimate that we probably could measure about 500,000 deaths, and the majority of those are women and girls, and particularly pregnant women.”

Unfortunately for the former First Lady, a recent United Nations report claimed that deaths from climate-related disasters have actually decreased by 99% from 100 years ago.

Also, in the same vein, Danish environmentalist Bjørn Lomborg reported that the average climate-related death is declining.

“Fewer and fewer people die from climate-related natural disasters, Lomborg said. "This is even true of 2021, despite breathless climate reporting.

"Over the past hundred years, annual climate-related deaths have declined by more than 96%. In the 1920s, the death count from climate-related disasters was 485,000 on average every year. In the last full decade, 2010-2019, the average was 18,362 dead per year, or 96.2% lower.

"In the first year of the new decade, 2020, the number of dead was even lower at 14,893 — 97% lower than the 1920s average.

"You hear a lot about all the deadly climate catastrophes in 2021 — the US/Canada heat dome, the floodings in Germany and Belgium, or the US February winter storm. All of these deaths are included in the graph."

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