Hillary Clinton speech and film market targeted by pro-Hamas protesters in Berlin

 February 26, 2024

A speech by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Berlin Film Festival’s European Film Market last week were the site of protests by pro-Hamas activists, though no laws were broken in the acts.

Clinton was speaking at the World Forum event organized by Cinema for Peace on February 19. The organization dismissed the protests, saying, “Seven out of 1,000 guests expressed a different opinion, not a special occurrence to comment on in a democracy with free speech.”

Seven attendees stood up during Clinton's speech and shouted loudly at her, accusing her of war crimes before being removed from the event.

Some of the accusations included saying that she had committed war crimes.

Clinton's response

“If Hamas releases the hostages, there could be a ceasefire tomorrow," Clinton said in response.

After the speech, Clinton said she understands the strong emotions people are experiencing, but that “you don’t solve problems by shouting.”

That protest happened the day after a protest at the film market, which involved several protesters laid down on the steps of the building drenched in fake blood with a sign reading "Welcome to the Red Carpet."

Inside, people who were registered and allowed to be there hung pro-Palestinian banners from the top floor.

Rules were followed

EFM director Dennis Ruh said in a statement that everyone protesting was allowed to be in the building for the event and that security rules were followed.

“The organizers alerted the security service’s mobile team and they were on site within about eight minutes. No criminal acts on the part of the protesters could be determined," he said.

The protests went on for about 15 minutes and then dispersed.

“We respect democratic values and the right to freedom of expression and speech, provided these do not violate our code of conduct," Ruh said.

Germany has cracked down on protests against Israel and in support of Hamas since the attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7, so protesters have had to get creative.

A movement called Strike Germany started in January to encourage cultural workers to strike in solidarity with Palestinians and to get the new rules, which they feel curb free speech, nullified.

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