Hillary Clinton steps up involvement in Biden campaign

 January 5, 2024

Hillary Clinton hosted the Women’s Leadership Forum gathered at Whitehaven, a distinguished Washington residence, raising almost $1 million for President Joe Biden's reelection.

Clinton, despite not always being close to Biden, is emerging as one of the most influential surrogates in Biden's reelection campaign.

The details

With her connections, especially among women and key Democratic voters, Clinton serves as a valuable asset to Biden's campaign.

Her recent role includes making the case for Biden's approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict, adding a layer of political cover amid party divisions on the matter.

Clinton's presence is anticipated to grow in the coming year as she becomes an active surrogate for Biden.

One of many

The Biden campaign is strategizing to deploy high-profile allies more effectively, with Clinton playing a prominent role.

While former President Barack Obama is expected to join the campaign closer to Election Day, Clinton's current involvement is crucial to address Biden's low approval ratings and the challenging political landscape. Her fundraising prowess and influence contribute to reinforcing Biden's position.

The Clintons, along with Michelle Obama, recently accompanied Biden to a memorial service, showcasing unity among Democratic first families. Hillary Clinton's reemergence aligns with broader Democratic efforts to leverage influential figures like the Obamas and the Clintons to boost excitement and support for Biden's candidacy.

Democrats unite to keep control

As Biden faces a critical juncture, Clinton's willingness to actively campaign and fundraise for him reflects the Democratic Party's effort to keep control in 2024.

In the evolving landscape of Biden's reelection bid, Clinton's campaigning and ability to convey the stakes of the election position her as a key figure in rallying Democratic voters.

The Democratic Party sees the importance of engaging key surrogates early in the campaign, learning from past experiences. While Obama's role will intensify later, Clinton's active involvement provides a valuable pushback against unfavorable narratives and themes surrounding Biden's presidency.

As Biden's campaign builds momentum, the collective efforts of influential Democratic figures like Clinton are deemed crucial to prop up support as concerns continue over both Biden's health and approval rating, along with little support from Vice President Kamala Harris.

The Democratic Party acknowledges the need for all the help it can get to fight back against Trump as he is on a crash course to face Biden in an epic 2024 rematch.

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