Hillary Clinton to host Broadway fundraiser for Biden with 'Hamilton' creator

 March 13, 2024

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is making an aggressive push to re-elect President Biden as the embattled Democrat fights for a second term.

Clinton is planning an expensive $5,000-per-head fundraiser in New York with the creator of the musical Hamilton, the Daily Mail reported.

The effort is part of an all-hands-on-deck push to re-elect Biden, as he faces rising doubts about his age and public disapproval of his job performance.

Clinton pulls the trigger

Biden and his 2020 opponent, Donald Trump, will face each other again this November after clinching their respective parties' nominations in Tuesday's primaries.

Despite a polling deficit that has Democrats alarmed, Biden's fundraising has been strong, thanks in part to the financial damage inflicted on his opponent by criminal prosecutions that Trump calls politically motivated.

Biden began the month of February with $56 million, almost double the size of Trump's $30 million war chest. Biden raised another $10 million within 24 hours of his blistering State of the Union Address last week, in which he painted Trump as an existential threat to America and "democracy."

Biden's reliance on high-profile surrogates from the party's past, like Clinton, her husband Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, is a sign that Democrats are taking nothing for granted.

On April 3, Clinton will co-host a "special Broadway performance" of Suffs, a musical about the women's suffrage movement, to benefit the Biden Victory Fund.

Clinton will be joined by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, with tickets ranging from $500 to $5,000.

Dems line up behind Biden

It's not the only big-ticket Broadway fundraiser Biden has planned. On March 28, Biden will join former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for an event at Radio City Music Hall.

VIP tickets go for as high as $500,000. Biden has regularly responded to critics by saying he is the only Democrat who can defeat Trump, and the party's elites, Clinton included, seem to agree.

Clinton has defended Biden from scrutiny over his age, urging voters to simply "accept" that Biden is old and reject the alternative, with Democrats insisting that Trump is a threat to "our democracy."

It's not clear if such sweeping rhetoric will be sufficient to quiet concerns about Biden.

Polls show that his own voters do not believe he is fit to serve another term.

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