Hillary Clinton to take on "key" role in Biden campaign

 February 16, 2024

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton found herself receiving mockery this past weekend after a bizarre post on social media went viral.

Yet while Clinton may not be taken seriously as a sports pundit, some Democrats are hoping she can help with their current electoral nightmare. 

Democrats growing increasingly nervous over Biden's bad poll numbers

At issue is President Joe Biden's abysmal poll numbers, with most polls showing him losing the national popular vote to former President Donald Trump.

If those numbers are reflective of what will happen on election day, then Trump would become the first Republican nominee to win the popular vote in two decades.

Meanwhile, a poll aggregate maintained by the website FiveThirtyEight puts his average approval rating at just 39.5%, a worse showing than any of his six predecessors had at this point in their presidencies.

What's more, Biden has little hope of his running mate shoring up support, as FiveThirtyEight shows Vice President Kamala Harris' figure as being a full 2.4% lower.

These facts have prompted the Biden campaign to reach out beyond the president's immediate circle, including to Mrs. Clinton and her husband.

Report: Clinton to be a "key player" in Biden's campaign

NBC News reported late last year that the former secretary of state is being brought on board as a "key player" in the White House's reelection efforts.

An unnamed Democratic strategist was quoted as telling NBC News, "At the end of the day, Biden needs all the help that he can get. What he needs is both the spirit and the actual reality of unity."

Additionally, NBC News noted that Clinton hosted a fundraiser at her Georgetown home in November which took in $1 million for Biden's reelection campaign.

Critics skeptical that Clinton can save Biden in November

However, critics like Fox News host Charlie Hurt have expressed skepticism over the degree to which Mrs. Clinton can actually help the president keep his job.

"I think Joe Biden's going to need more than a[n] 'I'm with her T-shirt' with all of his political problems," Hurt said in December.

"But, you know you are in deep, deep trouble if you are picking up the bat phone and calling Hillary Clinton to come help you out," the conservative commentator went on to add.

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