Hillary Clinton tries to mock Trump over solar eclipse, it backfires instantly

 April 9, 2024

Hillary Clinton gave the world a reminder of what a bitter, shriveled husk she is with a tweet mocking Donald Trump for looking directly at the sun during the 2017 solar eclipse.

Millions of Americans experienced a total solar eclipse on Monday, which brought the subject back in the headlines while shining a light on the spiritual sickness of miserable liberals like Clinton.

Clearly, Trump is living rent-free in Clinton's head nearly a decade after he crushed her dreams of the presidency forever.

The twice-failed presidential candidate shared a photo of her rival looking up at the solar eclipse without protective eyewear, with the caption, "Reminder."

Clinton suffering from serious TDS

President Biden made the same unoriginal joke as Clinton, showcasing the complete artificiality of the authoritarian Democrat elite.

Biden addressed the American people as "folks," leaning into his completely fake persona of an average guy.

"An eclipse is worth marveling at. But don't be silly, folks – play it safe and wear protective eyewear," Biden said in a video shared on X.

While it's not recommended to stare directly at the sun in any circumstance, Trump's spontaneous reaction to the 2017 solar eclipse showcased his free spirit and what many see as his humorous, authentic personality.

Clinton thinks she's being clever by mocking him, when really, she's reminding America why she lost to Trump in 2016: she's fake, unadventurous, and boring.

Phony elites exposed by Trump

Unlike Trump, career politicians like Clinton are utterly lacking in humor, warmth, or originality, and they have obvious contempt for the American people, who they think they can control with scripted, lame rhetoric.

It's no surprise that Clinton and Biden came up with the same stale, scolding joke, which sounds like a riff on the wearisome punchlines about ivermectin and injecting bleach that once saturated late night "comedy."

Trump, for his part, doubled down on Monday with a comedic video that depicted a silhouette of his head - often mocked for its orange hue - blocking the sun.

While some found the video a little odd, it was another reminder that Trump is, at least, a real person who doesn't take himself too seriously.

Just by being himself, Trump has exposed these phony elites for the frauds they truly are.

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