Hillary Clinton's latest move to disrupt liberty

 March 3, 2024

Hillary Clinton, after seven years removed from active politics, continues to wield influence, this time through a new Women’s Initiative launched in collaboration with Columbia University.

The initiative aims to delve into research and generate policy recommendations targeting issues that disproportionately affect women, spanning across four key areas: women’s economic opportunity, health, safety and security, and leadership, democracy, and human rights.

The interview

In an interview with Women Rule, Clinton emphasized the initiative's focus on actionable solutions rather than mere discussion.

The project, developed in partnership with Keren Yarhi-Milo, the Dean of Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, officially debuts on Monday as part of Columbia’s Institute of Global Politics.

Clinton and Yarhi-Milo shared insights on the initiative's genesis and objectives. They highlighted the pressing need to address global challenges impacting women, citing authoritarianism, climate change, and technological advancements.

Clinton underscored the importance of prioritizing women's issues amid growing threats to their rights and autonomy, both domestically and internationally.

The purpose

The catalyst for the initiative, according to Clinton and Yarhi-Milo, has been ongoing discussions spanning over a year. The establishment of the Institute of Global Politics served as a foundational step, providing a platform for impactful research and policy solutions.

The initiative has already engaged distinguished fellows, including women leaders like Stacey Abrams and Maria Ressa, in addressing various challenges facing women.

Looking ahead, the Women’s Initiative aims to tackle diverse projects, including advancing gender equity in the workplace, addressing women's roles in conflict and peace processes, and safeguarding reproductive rights.

The guiding principles of the initiative revolve around identifying areas where academic research can influence policy and making a tangible difference.

Future plans

Clinton emphasized the initiative's commitment to action, stressing the importance of engaging policymakers to implement recommendations effectively. Through a collaborative approach and an active network in Washington, the initiative aims to ensure that its policy proposals resonate with lawmakers and drive meaningful change

“We’re not interested in just another gathering to talk about these problems. We understand they’re very challenging,” Clinton told Women Rule in an interview. “We really want to bring people together who can contribute to not just raising awareness about them, but also addressing them.”.

As the Women’s Initiative launches, it signals Clinton's ongoing commitment to advocating for women's rights and empowerment on the global stage.

Clinton's latest interview shows she is not done with politics yet, seeking to continue her efforts to promote her agenda among the American public.

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