Hillary's 'advance man' opens up on 'sad' concession speech

 January 2, 2024

A Democratic political operative who worked on Hillary Clinton's disastrous 2016 campaign is opening up about the last-minute preparations for her "sad" concession speech.

Doug Landry, an "advance man," told Politico that Clinton's team was forced to buy the hotel ballroom they used to stage the anti-climactic moment.

The scramble behind Clinton's speech

An "advance man" is the person who sets up a campaign event and makes sure the optics are just right before the candidate arrives.

Landry called Clinton's speech a "really sad example" of a good job done by the advance team.

Clinton's team had big plans for a splashy victory speech in New York's Javits Center. When reality set in, Clinton's team had to scramble to piece something together.

"Beginning at 3 a.m., this team found a hotel that would answer their phone call — I think they just, like, asked the front desk and rented a ballroom. One guy ran to a storefront and bought lighting. There was no time to rent it, so they bought it. They used hotel staging and cobbled this thing together," he said.

"If you go back and look at C-SPAN, Hillary Clinton looks resplendent in purple, giving this very gracious speech, the lighting is perfect. There are teleprompters. There’s flags perfectly pressed. None of which existed even three hours before that moment," Landry added.

Clinton sulks on....

Clinton and her supporters complacently expected Donald Trump, a political novice, to lose to Clinton, but it wasn't meant to be.

Trump's historic upset sent the left into a deranged spiral from which it never recovered.

While Clinton has blamed a number of external factors for her loss - from Russian hackers to James Comey - her own husband, who won two presidential elections, reportedly balked at her campaign strategy in private, using vulgar language to describe her inability to persuade voters.

Bill Clinton was "bereft, lamenting to a longtime friend in the fall of 2016 that Hillary's campaign 'could not sell p---- on a troop train,'" according to The Squad: AOC and the Hope of a Political Revolution by The Intercept's Ryan Grim.

Hillary has never gotten over her devastating election loss, and she has continued to engage in political war against Trump and his supporters - who she recently declared need "formal deprogramming."

Despite her checked record, the Biden campaign has tapped Clinton as a key surrogate heading into the 2024 election season, which is expected to be a tough fight for Biden

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