'His days are numbered': Republican lawmaker warns Jack Smith

November 30, 2023

House Republican Clay Higgins (LA) gave a cryptic warning to Special Prosecutor Jack Smith for targeting associates of former President Donald Trump for surveillance as part of his attempt to bring down Trump.

Higgins appeared on Newsmax Wednesday to comment on the public release of a warrant Smith got for Trump's Twitter account, which allowed him to also see communications of Trump's connections on the platform, most of which were not involved in anything related to the case.

Higgins said,

So, let me say, regarding Jack Smith and his request for another list of American citizens under some alleged legitimate investigative effort: I consider it a badge of honor to be on another one of Jack Smith’s lists. So, I’ll just say that his days are numbered and American patriots are not gonna stand idly by, good sir, and allow our republic to dissolve. We are prepared to fight legally and peacefully and within the parameters of the Constitution with every ounce of our might and focus.

Smith is not an elected official, so it isn't clear what steps Republicans could take to remove him from his position.

Similar rhetoric

Mediaite pointed out that Higgins has used similar heightened rhetoric on several other occasions.

He told ex-Twitter employees in February during a rant that they would be arrested.

In June, he called for an insurrection following one of Trump's indictments, but he later recanted and apologized for the comment.

Just weeks ago, he told FBI Director Christopher Wray, “Your day is coming!”

In May, he even assaulted a protester.

Blowing off steam?

So was Higgins just blowing off steam?

It would be great if there was a way to remove Smith, whom Trump has called "deranged" for the way he seems to be making it a personal goal to "get" Trump, there are many Republicans who would want to see it happen.

Probably the only way to do so would be to find something incriminating in Smith's background or personal life that would disqualify him from service and force him to resign.

If such a thing were possible or likely, it probably would have been leaked to the public already.

While disgracing Smith would be desirable, it doesn't seem wise for Republicans to count on it taking place.

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