Hispanic Democrats in Connecticut introduce bill to officially ban 'woke' gender-neutral 'Latinx' term

 February 4, 2023

For several years now, the predominantly white and "woke" far-left progressive wing of the Democratic Party's base has pushed incessantly for the broad adoption of the term "Latinx" as a gender-neutral replacement for the gendered Spanish language words "Latina" and "Latino" as well as the more generic "Hispanic" as a racial descriptor.

That effort by typically white young progressives has now run into a rather unexpected opposition in the form of Hispanic Democrats in Connecticut's state legislature, who have filed legislation to officially ban the "Latinx" term, the Tampa Free Press reported.

Interestingly enough, the Hispanic Democrats in Connecticut said that they found the purportedly "all-inclusive" gender-neutral term to be "offensive" and urged their fellow white ideologues to stop trying to alter and manipulate the Spanish language.

Arkansas governor bans use of "Latinx" as "ethnically insensitive"

In related news, local ABC affiliate KATV reported in January that newly sworn-in Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, on her first day in office, issued an executive order that banned the use of "Latinx" in any and all official government documents.

She pointed to a major poll in recent years which showed that the overwhelming majority of Hispanic Americans rejected and refused to use the gender-neutral terminology favored by only a tiny minority of far-left progressives.

"Ethnically insensitive and pejorative language has no place in official government documents or government employee titles," Sanders wrote in the order. "The government has a responsibility to respect its citizens and use ethnically appropriate language, particularly when referring to ethnic minorities."

"I find it offensive"

Now the Associated Press has reported that a group of five Hispanic Democrats in Connecticut's state legislature have "proposed that the state follow Arkansas’ lead and ban the term 'Latinx' from official government documents, calling it offensive to Spanish speakers."

That effort is being led by Democratic state Rep. Geraldo Reyes Jr., who acknowledged that his motivations are likely different than that of Gov. Sanders, but nonetheless agreed with what she had done and knocked the "Latinx" term as not even being a real word in the Spanish language that was nothing more than "woke" nonsense.

"I’m of Puerto Rican descent and I find it offensive," Reyes told the AP. "The Spanish language, which is centuries old, defaults to Latino for everybody. It’s all-inclusive. They didn’t need to create a word, it already exists."

To be sure, there are some in politics and academia who insist on pushing broader acceptance and usage of the "Latinx" term, which is rooted in the Hispanic LGBTQ community of the 1990s, but there are plenty of others within those same spheres of influence who continue to reject the term, including University of Florida Spanish language professor David Pharies.

Professor Pharies explained that a much more acceptable and easier-to-pronounce alternative to the gender-neutral "X" in place of "A" and "O" would be an "E," as in "Latine," and told the AP, "Latinx was clearly a solution that was proposed outside the Spanish-speaking world."

Only around 3 percent of Hispanics actually use "Latinx" term

The poll that had been referenced by Gov. Sanders in her anti-Latinx executive order was a massive 2019 survey conducted by Pew Research of Hispanic Americans and released in 2020 which found that only around a quarter of all Hispanics were even familiar with the "Latinx" term and only a mere 3 percent actually used it, with the bulk of that number being young Hispanic women, presumably with left-leaning progressive ideologies.

That poll has already been a game-changer in undercutting the progressive push for "Latinx", as it was cited by the decidedly left-leaning League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC, in a 2021 announcement that the organization would cease using the term rejected by the overwhelming majority of its Hispanic and Latin constituents.

Hopefully, given the staunch opposition on the right, the growing pushback from some Democrats, and the absolute rejection by almost all Hispanics, the "cultural imperialism" of predominately white far-left progressives embodied in their use of "Latinx" will be abandoned and the "woke" term will be tossed into the dustbin of history where it belongs.

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