History professor thinks Melania Trump will have 'lower profile' in 2024 campaign

 April 25, 2024

A fundraiser held at Mar-a-Lago earlier this month crushed expectations by taking in over $50 million for former President Donald Trump's campaign.

Although former First Lady Melania Trump posed for pictures at the triumphant event, one academic believes she wants a less prominent role.  

Ohio University professor sees Melania taking "lower profile"

Katherine Jellison is a professor of history at Ohio University, and she told the Associated Press that Mrs. Trump "is even less visible this time around than she was in the previous Trump presidential campaigns."

"She hasn't made many public appearances," Jellison continued before noting that the former first lady "did go vote in the Florida primary and there were pictures of her taken at the time."

The professor noted that when Mrs. Trump was asked by reporters in March at a voting station about what role she would play in her husband's campaign she responded by saying, "Stay tuned. "

While Jellison referenced the aforementioned Mar-a-Lago fundraiser, she insisted that "for the most part" Mrs. Trump appears to "be taking an even lower profile position this time in the campaign."

Jellison likens Mrs. Trump to Bess Truman

The Ohio University professor went on to point out similarities between Mrs. Trump and Bess Truman, who served as first lady from 1945 until 1953.

"Melania Trump most reminds me of Bess Truman in terms of first ladies in living human memory. I think she's the person I would most compare her to," Jellison remarked.

"Although they're both different kinds of women, but the wanting to maintain [her] private life and stay out of the limelight whenever possible was something both women shared," she explained.

Jellison further recalled how Mrs. Trump did not initially join her husband at the White House following his 2016 victory but remained in New York so that their son Barron could finish his school year.

The academic then explained that "with Bess Truman, of course her daughter was grown by that point... she didn't feel the need to explain why she would rather be in Independence, Missouri than in Washington, D.C. and at the White House."

"An an unconventional first lady for an unconventional president"

Jellison suggested that while Mrs. Trump "may be more fashionably dressed" and going to Florida rather than Missouri, she nevertheless has "the same kind of mindset" as Mrs. Truman.

"In a way, the public has gotten used to Melania Trump as she is, which is someone who is an unconventional wife for an unconventional candidate," Jellison said while drawing to a close.

The history professor concluded by declaring that Mrs. Trump "was an unconventional first lady for an unconventional president."

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