Hit song featuring Trump and January 6 defendants temporarily pulled by iTunes

March 18, 2023

Variety magazine reported last week that a song featuring former President Donald Trump and a group of January 6 defendants hit the number one spot on Apple's iTunes.

Yet in a move that should trouble even some of Trump's Republican critics, iTunes abruptly pulled the song. 

Song recorded to help families of January 6 defendants

According to Variety, "Justice for All" was recorded by men who were convicted of participating in the January 6 disturbance on Capitol Hill and includes clips of Trump reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Breitbart stated that the recording sold for $1.29, with all net proceeds going to "certain J6 families in need."

Its production was organized by conservative commentator Ed Henry along with Kash Patel, who served as chief of staff to the acting secretary of Defense under Trump.

Recording was temporarily pulled on Thursday

Breitbart reported that the song held iTunes' top spot for seven consecutive days and managed to outperform recordings by artists like Miley Cyrus and Tim McGraw.

However, iTunes temporarily removed "Justice for All" from its lineup on Thursday before reversing the decision hours later, a move which Patel regarded as being politically motivated.

"It’s no surprise that suppression of free speech and charitable endeavors has now extended to the music entertainment industry and Apple Music," Patel was quoted as telling Breitbart.

Former Trump official: iTunes "would never pull" song about Ukraine

"They have pulled down a song that was number one on their own charts for seven straight days, and the only reason they have is because it’s a miscommunication," he complained.

"If we were raising money for Ukraine, like Brad Paisley did, they would never pull this song," the former Trump administration figure added.

January 6 reentered the headlines earlier this month after Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired Capitol Hill security footage showing that some defendants who received lengthy prison sentences behaved peacefully at the event.

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