Hope Hicks said in text that Jan. 6 Capitol riot made staffers 'look like domestic terrorists'

 January 3, 2023

In a text message sent amid the January 6 Capitol riot in 2021, then-White House communications director Hope Hicks said the event made members of then-President Donald Trump's administration "look like domestic terrorists now," CBS News reported.

That and other messages from Hicks, along with interview transcripts involving other Trump administration figures, were publicly released by the House Select Committee to investigate the Jan. 6 riot just prior to end of the 117th congressional session.

"We all look like domestic terrorists now"

According to The Hill, the "domestic terrorists" quip from Hicks came during a series of text messages sent back and forth on Jan. 6, 2021, between her and Julie Radford, the then-chief of staff for Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter and senior adviser to former President Trump.

In reference to her boss, Trump, Hicks said that afternoon, "In one day he ended every future opportunity that doesn’t include speaking engagements at the local proud boys chapter."

Radford replied in agreement, "Yup," after which Hicks lamented, "And all of us that didn’t have jobs lined up will be perpetually unemployed."

"I'm so mad and upset," Hicks continued. "We all look like domestic terrorists now."

Riot "made us all unemployable"

Hicks added in the exchange of messages that the then-still ongoing Capitol riot incident had "made us all unemployable. Like untouchable," and reiterated, "God, I'm so f--king mad."

Radford replied, "I know, like there isn't a chance of finding a job," and revealed that she'd already received a "blow off email" from one prospective future employer.

The Hill reported that Hicks then referenced the sudden resignation of former White House Director of Strategic Communications Alyssa Farah Griffin about a month earlier and wrote to Radford, "Not being dramatic, but we are all f--ked. Alyssa looks like a genius" for "leaving" already.

They are all "royally f***ed"

At another point in the series of Jan. 6 text messages between Hicks and Radford, Hicks appeared to take issue with Trump's sharp rhetoric against then-Vice President Mike Pence, and seemingly wrote in reference to the president, "Attacking the VP? Wtf is wrong with him?"

The pair of White House staffers also appeared to take issue with the dramatic and "self-serving" post-riot resignation of Stephanie Grisham, who until then had been the loyal chief of staff of former first lady Melania Trump but, per The Hill, has gone on to be an outspoken critic of her former bosses.

In one final exchange, potentially in reference to Ivanka Trump, who had just called Radford about condemnation and pressure she had received from others about the riot and her father, Hicks texted, "I am so done. Does she get how royally f--ked they all are now?"

Committee recommended criminal charges

The hyper-partisan and overtly anti-Trump House Jan. 6 committee issued its final report in December that gave its one-sided narrative of events that transpired before, during, and after the Capitol riot that, quite predictably, sought to pin the entirety of the blame for what occurred on former President Trump.

That report unsurprisingly included non-binding referrals to the Justice Department for four separate criminal charges against the former president related to his actions in regard to the 2020 election and the unrest at the Capitol building.

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